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16/08/2010 14:19:05

jonbezMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Being able to lock an objects movement when your happy with its placement would be good.
I had problems in the passed moving a floor plate by accident. which resulted in everything on it moving too and the undo didnt put everything back.
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16/08/2010 14:49:46

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Hi John,

Muddybunny suggested the same thing in the Tips & Tricks section:


muddybunny wrote:

It might be that it's possible to do this already, I just haven't figured it out yet. Is it possible to lock an item in place? The reason I ask is that I keep moving walls by mistake. :p


Neil wrote:

That's an excellent idea, muddybunny. Unfortunately it's too late to make it into our next release, but I'll see what can be done to get it into the one after.


I like the idea - I think we have all done what you describe in your first post.

Take care,
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Home ? Feedback ? Lock / unlock object movement