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23/08/2010 15:53:46

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Is it possible to add some kbd short cuts to change the current view to say
view from above, view right,view left. view from opposite side.
Set a home position and be able to return to it.
Would it be able to calibrate the movement as the moving around is dependent on the speed and power of motion.
On my slower machine it is quite hard to be precise, whereas on the demos it looks relatively easy.

The program is great fun, although at some times frustrating due to lack oprecise movement and conrol.
Is there a complete list of all the movies created as I discovered some in peoples profiles.
Would be good if they could be catalogued in some way.

I find them helpfull as to what is possible with the software. eg I found an early movie with the lemmings specially funny and an approach I hadn't thought of.

Is there a specific area on youtube for muzivu clips.
Might be fun to have a what happened next competition.
the topic is closed

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