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2014/5/21 7:38:29
Facing issues with character & object interaction Hello,

When I am creating some animations, there are times, when there is a problem with the character and object interaction. For example, when the person sits on a sofa, it seems as if his hand goes through the sofa - which looks very odd. Please let me know how these kind of oddities can be tackled. I also looked at the tutorials -> but I did not find anything specific to this. I noticed similar issue in the first tutorial video where the character's hand goes through the hat.

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2014/5/21 6:25:43
How do I import a new character in Muvizu play? Hello,

My team has created several rigged character models in Maya. Please let me know what is the procedure for importing the characters into Muvizu play so that I can develop the animations with these new characters?

2014/4/28 7:56:52
New Character Actions Hello,

I am pretty new to Muvizu. I have explored default character actions available with Muvizu.

I want to know how I can go ahead with development of custom character actions?

I am also exploring objects such as Kitchen Sink and Bunsen burner etc... How do I direct actions such as man turning on water from the kitchen sink etc?

Any guidance would be helpful.

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