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2014/4/30 21:35:59
get the character to hold something Thank you very much ukBerty. Your suggestion might be a solution for my specific situation. Actually, I do not need characters to pick up/drop off an attached object but rather pass it to another character. So that I could create two characters Char1 and Char2 with the hammers attached. Char1 would have the hammer visible and Char2 would have it invisible. When the characters come close to each other I would set Char1 hammer invisible and Char2 hammer visible. This would look as if Char1 passed the hammer to Char2. Would it work with an IMPORTED attached object in Muvizu:Play+? I could direct visibility with attached objects in Muvizu:Play (i.e. make them appear and disappear at certain points on the timeline) and would like just to make sure it would work for IMPORTED attached objects in Muvizu:Play+. By other words I would like to make sure that visibility property of IMPORTED attached objects could be animated n Muvizu:Play+ (as I understand not all object properties could be animated).
I would not bother you and other Muvizu experts with these questions if Muvizu:Play+ had a trial version. I need Muvizu for one project only and try to avoid paying $100 just to figure out if it is feasible at all.
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2014/4/30 19:42:20
get the character to hold something Thank you MrDrWho13. If Muvizu: Play+ does not support pick up/drop object feature is there any work around? E.g. destroy a character holding a hammer and create a copy of this character without a hummer and a separate copy of the hammer at some point on the timeline. This would look as dropping the hammer. Another option is to use a character and separate hammer object, synchronize the character and hammer movement (while the hammer keeps very close to the character palm) so that it looks like the character is holding the hammer and then they would just part their ways at some point on the timeline. Is any of this solutions possible/practical in Muvizu?
2014/4/30 14:24:47
get the character to hold something Thank you primaveranz. Is there a trial version for Muvizu: Play+? I could not find it on the website. For example, I need to know whether it is possible for a character to grab/drop handheld attachments (e.g. a hammer) at some points on the timeline. I could not find a way of doing this in Muvizu: Play.
I am new to Muvizu and would greatly appreciate any advice.
2014/4/30 5:17:13
get the character to hold something I do not see that box with arrow in any of standard characters (with arms) in Muvizu:Play. I also do not have any other objects as shown by fazz68 - just some watches, bracelets, gloves etc. Please help!!!
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