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2014/8/9 3:32:47
Coming Soon... Great Lion... When will "The Gone Forever Tree" be released?
2014/7/5 20:51:32
New Member Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm new this month myself and can say everyone here is very helpful, as is Muvizu Support.
2014/5/31 23:46:48
Hello... I'm a new member. Thank You for the welcomes...

ziggy72, and reminder to keep curtains closed at night.

Dylly, giraffes are ok but if your elephants mess in my yard your cleaning it up. P.S. Sorry to hear about your Beagle.

Bye for now, Brian.
2014/5/26 3:10:33
Hello... I'm a new member. Hello All. My name is Brian Gray. I just purchased Muvizu:Play+ and am moving into the neighborhood. It looks like a very friendly, fun and helpful place. I'll be glad to share any models, sets or assets I create. Muvizu is going to be my Therapy. Well bye for now. I look forward to meeting the neighborhood.

Sincerely, Brian.
2014/5/26 2:49:50
Camera attachment Hello... I'm new here but I was thinking same thing. I'm going to try this weekend to...

1. Group/Lock Camera and Car. (Plane in my case)

2. Animate the car.

If this works then we could use multiple cameras. (I hope)
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