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2014/5/18 22:05:21
Hello fellow animators Yep, that what I meant.

Sorry about that.
2014/5/18 21:43:01
It's Sunday MarkWaldo

Well thank you very much for your nice comments on the animation and also my music.
As for hearing more music? Oh yeah I have a lot more music, over 200 songs so I'll be back.
I don't mind and actually like honesty so I take all comments in as a learning process because it is. So it's all cool with me.
If any of you are curious about my music feel free to check out this site. I do all kinds.
2014/5/17 23:42:00
Hello fellow animators Well hi there
Just a quick hi. Really like this product! I just posted my first animation in the Your Videos section of the site so check it if you like.
I hope to go a long way with this program and I hope you all do too.

2014/5/17 22:47:25
It's Sunday Hi UL
Yep, you'll get to know me and I'm very easy going. I've been writing music for most of my life but now I'm disabled from having Lyme Disease for over 20 years before they found it so I can't play out anymore. I wanted a You Tube presence and have been looking for animators for a long time. When I couldn't find any I did what I aways do and started doing it myself.
Yeah those shadows are all I see now when I watch the vid but it's a good lesson learned. I have the all up on high I think.
The next one I do will have my music but will be mostly a story and probably on a dark street.
Thank you again for commenting and I promise I'll never yell at you.

2014/5/17 21:27:25
It's Sunday Hi Ziggy
No I won't get offended, I'm a Musician so I get a lot of feedback, good and bad.
Thanks for those tips and yes I had the shading all the way up. I did use three cameras but I couldn't figure how to make them switch slower. I know what you mean on the boring part but it was all I could come up with for that song right now anyhow.
Thanks very much for commenting. I hope to improve with time.

2014/5/17 20:01:44
It's Sunday urbanlamb wrote:
I like the concept of the camera being a person moving forward

I am not a huge music video watcher some of us get saturated but its a cute video for the first attempt for sure!

Cool! A reply!
Thanks urbanlamb
Unfortunately pretty much everything I'll be doing will have my music in it. This one was a Band one but the next one I may do a story with. I'm still learning my way around and this is the first time I ever tried out animation. I like it though.... a lot!
Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.
2014/5/17 16:41:30
It's Sunday I see I have a few views on this but no coments?
Do you like it? Hate it?
2014/5/16 19:40:27
It's Sunday Hi there
I'm very new at this and I'm a singer/songwriter that was looking for a way to animate my songs. Check this one out if you get the time.


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