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2014/6/29 0:55:35
cheech and chong part 2 here is another video, comments and critiques welcomed! thank you
2014/6/28 16:49:46
page 1 out of ... i liked it alot. I bought a USB microphone and I love it. Been reading all the help here. this community definitely will help you and all of us get so much better!! keep making movies!!
2014/6/28 16:45:52
cheech and chong hi, all would love comments on this video, please and thank you!
2014/6/27 16:42:43
camera set up wow thank you so much. ill be making these improvements this weekend!!!
2014/6/27 5:31:42
camera set up I dont know if this is the right place for this, but can some one look at my camera set up and let me know if it looks ok. my goal is to use an old tv show and try to match it. i know i will need close ups for some of the gags they do. just looking for a bit of advise from the masters here. thank you
2014/6/27 0:11:10
Devious from San Diego, California welcome aboard! looking forward to watching more of your videos
2014/6/27 0:10:22
Character Movement are you on the play+ ? not that it matters. what hardware are you running? i read somewhere its memory intensive so you need fast computer. mine i dont even know what it is. i use my laptop but it runs ok. it slows down when i add alot of items. I am currently building a set of an old mexican show El chavo del Ocho and its like 25 megabytes and its starting to slow me down
2014/6/26 20:37:12
Birds. I need birds. you can google bird flight animation, it all depends on the video you are making? maybe you can post a still picture of a scene and we could help you locate something...

from that link he has ton of footage thats green screen

all footages are in high resolution 1280x720
2014/6/26 20:33:20
MODEL ERROR im so rusty on this 3d thing. but i kinda figured it out. thank you all
2014/6/26 18:02:01
MODEL ERROR ohhh yeah i didnt know that i import in fbx... my ase import from cinema 4d is not that great but ill try it...thank you so much fazz88
2014/6/26 17:31:14
hello, new here El Chavo del Ocho set I am working on... im trying to make the main characters hat and i need two more textures. I think this will be my project. follow the tv show and make a scene from it and animate it.
2014/6/26 16:28:30
Birds. I need birds. i would find some footage of birds flying and maybe composite them in your video editing software of choise. or follow Fazz68 he share this with me in one of my posts "add a background video, rather than use a avi file which can get very choppy, use a backdrop and set the image as your camera. so your muvizu band can be seen live"
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2014/6/26 15:27:09
MODEL ERROR hi all i have a question, some models after i import them they are like invisible. here is a rough model of a hat i painted it 2 colors to see if maybe since it was one color that was the problem. you can see it side ways no problem but you cant see the back when is facing forward. i still can't figure it out. maybe someone can help
2014/6/26 12:42:50
Pop Haydn's Miracle Oil im in clovis new mexico.small town, very small. so a jarhead became a magician very cool
2014/6/26 7:39:15
Pop Haydn's Miracle Oil devious wrote:
I'd love any feedback negative or positive. Thanks in advance,

this rocks. the sound is perfect, one main reason i got into muvizu is because years ago i did stand up comedy when i was stationed in Washington state. since i live in new mexico this little town there is only one bar and no comedy clubs. so i started toying with the idea to record myself doing my old stand up routines. then animating myself on a stage and adding laugh track then load to you tube. this video reminded me of why i bought this software in the first place. keep it up..made me laugh..can't wait to see more
2014/6/26 7:36:52
rough concert haha yeah especially men wont admit to it. im 40 yrs old got nothing to be scared about haha! i honestly thought of putting a background video but got tired. i should have added more cameras. I still have the set so i may tackle that in the future. i have to go to youtube and download clips so i can piece them together..could be a fun project a part 2 kind of thing
2014/6/26 7:33:39
Magician Talks About San Diego Busking I am no expert in any way shape or form, but i liked it. like you said no camera movements but it has good ambiance. cant wait for next episode. loved the advice of keeping it funny
2014/6/26 7:30:32
a fake commercial I made thank you so much! i deployed with the navy and marines. net some awesome jarheads....thanks for the comments ive been mainly making new textures and figures instead of concentrating in directing. im just trying to learn the software little by little. i have some ideas for my next one so lets see how it turns out. it has to wait till i come back from camping with the wife. but i appreciate it!!!
2014/6/26 5:58:41
hello, new here last one for a while.. i got to start planning a video now...
2014/6/26 5:51:52
hello, new here i was able to figure out the helmets for my battle of the planets/G-gorce/Gatchaman guys
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