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2014/8/3 15:01:08
Hello ! I introduce myself Thanks Teesa

ziggy72 wrote:
Hi PapyGrenouille - can we make that PapyG for short, you think?

You can call me that way if you wish, no problem

I am actually not even a grand dad, not even a grand mother, but I am a mother

In English, Papy Grenouille could be called GP-Frog ? lol
2014/8/3 14:58:02
Animations for kids stories Hello Oziabla,

Thanks again for the tips ! I had already worked with Audiacity and added some sound effects when the character claps his hands... but I uploaded the wrong version to Youtube... too bad. I will be more careful next time. I have also already used a music that is copyright free for the begining and end... If I make another one, I will take your advice in account, but can't invest money at this time...
Have a good week-end !
2014/8/2 9:43:40
Animations for kids stories I looked at the video link you sent, and it is true, that product looks perfect for me... later maybe...
On the other side, I don't understand how I could also have a microphone for the kids... in the same recording ? Or would I need to mix the 2 entries afterwards with like Audiacity ?
2014/8/2 9:37:29
Animations for kids stories Thanks Oziabla,

I fully agree with your comments, but unfortunately, I can't invest much more money at this time into this project.
As I said, I don't make any money from this at this point, and have already spent some to buy a digital recorder and microphone that would fit the need, plus purchased Muvizu Play +... At that time, I thought I could maybe create more animations and have a lot of traffic on my web site that also took me 3-4 months to create, but so far, I don't have much traffic at all... because I am not referenced well enough with Google yet.
I have been working on SEO for a while and have improved many things but I certainly lack backlinks....
Having said that, I will certainly upgrade my material if my site gets more popular... but on the other end, especially for the second story I posted here, the author was still installing the microphone while the recording and the story had already started... so it did not help, and as this is improvisation and I liked the story, I did not want him to start all over again... I should find a way to record the children with a different microphone indeed, later... I would like to hear them more...

I keep this in mind in case I can inverst more money in this project... ! Thanks a lot anyway !!!
2014/8/2 1:49:37
Animations for kids stories Hello again

I have now uploaced my second project as well, (still fairly static compared to what you can do, but here it is)...

2014/8/1 18:00:26
Animations for kids stories Hello

I just introduced myself in the post for "newbies".
I have created a website to provide kids stories :

Stories can be found here :

I have purchased Muvizu because I wanted to try to animate some of the stories. I am not the most talented here compared to some of you !!! But I am just trying to give some fun to the kids and bring awareness to my site via nice videos, eventhough I don't make any money from this. My own kids love these animated stories. But I don't have time to make too many... So far just 2 in several month ;(

I wish I could use a frog or some other animals from the story but could not find this in Muvizu...

Sorry, the stories are inf French, maybe I will translate some in English

2014/8/1 17:52:15
Hello ! I introduce myself Hello

I am "Papy Grenouille", one of the characters I created to tell stories for kids on my web site.
I am in fact a lady with a big family, and created this web site to share the stories that my dear half tells our kids.

Most of the stories are recorded live - stories are improvised, the author does not konw when he starts the story how he will end it. Kids actually interact with those !!!

I have looked at Muvizu and bought it to try to illustrate some of these stories (in French for now, but soon maybe in English as well).
I have done 2 so far, and published on on Youtube. I will add it in the section for this, but here it is as well so that you can retrieve it with my profile. As you can see from the result, I am much more limited than most of you are here !!! I also found some limitations with Muvizu on the characters themselves that I could use, for example, il I need a duck or a frog... I can't find this, and am not capable to create and import a 3D object on my own... So so far, I just decided to animate a person who would tell the story...

Anyway, if you want to look at my website :

If you want to look at my first youtube animation :

Thanks for reading
2014/8/1 17:38:16
great song animation Very nice ! I love the way you filmed, the camera movements...

I wish I could do the same !
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