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2014/7/17 22:52:36
Scene controls Hi there, glad to hear you're having fun with Muvizu. What you suggested would be great, but there is a little bit of a workaround. You can just set up a few cameras to give you the views you want, with the disadvantages being that you might need to keep repositioning them and you still need to move objects in the main scene window.
2014/7/16 19:23:51
New Band using Muvizu Watch any live concert clip and replicate the shots they use, just because this is animation doesn't mean that real film techniques don't apply. One major thing missing are crowd shots, a great way of mixing it up for the viewer. Good work overall, keep it up.
2014/7/16 19:21:14
Shiny new xbox 360 controller @mysto you can definitely get the Atari signal in to your PC How well it will work with Muvizu is a different matter. If you fancy a little electronics project you can also DIY rather than cheating with an adapter!
2014/7/16 19:16:43
Easter Egg Help That would be telling!
2014/7/14 19:05:57
Shiny new xbox 360 controller Was this an official Microsoft controller or a third party one?
2014/7/10 17:58:26
try muvizu : when i start : FATAL ERROR If you could open a support ticket at our support team will be happy to help.
2014/7/9 17:52:10
Unable to open the programe The best thing to do is open a support ticket here and the support team will be able to help you out.
2014/7/9 17:51:23
Copy & Paste It's definitely not abandonware otherwise I wouldn't be here!
2014/7/9 17:49:59
Application does not open Hi Fatima, have you opened a support ticket? You can contact our support team by filling out the form here . I'm sure they will be able to help.
2014/7/9 17:44:47
New Member Welcome to the gang, glad you're up and running. Try not to compare yourself with the guys on here too much just yet, I can assure you that producing some of the quality animations you see in the forums takes some practice! However basic your early creations might be they are still worth showing as we can all give some constructive criticism that'll improve your skills. Good luck.
2014/7/9 17:41:22
Coming Soon... you guys rock! bow
2014/7/4 17:51:49
Copy & Paste Unfortunately as it stands there won't be any changes like this made. Keep an eye out because you ever know when updates might come (BTW don't read to much into that, I'm not implying anything!).
2014/7/4 17:48:53
Coming Soon... Looks like a scene from Trailer Park Boys, great comedy. Could work well in the same vein as your Checch and Chong work. Storm Troopers Vs Pirates anyone?
2014/7/1 18:25:13
Storytelling Ta Cool
2014/6/30 18:14:48
cheech and chong Nice one. You could spend a lifetime animating on this theme. I hope those items on the coffee table are custom assets and aren't being shipped with our software!
2014/6/27 17:57:20
Devious from San Diego, California Welcome! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.
2014/6/26 20:45:01
model question Thanks for the kind offer video567 to donate an offer but Muvizu:Play characters require far more than just a model. Custom animations need to be created for that model to fit all the mood categories (angry, sad, happy, etc..) and they need to be tested and integrated into the application – a process that can take a month or so alone.

We are hopeful we will release some new characters for Muvizu:Play+ in the near future but as yet we don’t have a date set for that.
2014/6/26 19:59:40
Birds. I need birds. This should help
2014/6/26 19:55:39
Lugofilm Ltd Presents I'm pretty new here so this is the first of yours I've seen and it's impressive. Great idea for a mini-series.

As devious said, your audio quality could be improved a little without buying a new mic. Distance from the mic would help but then your voice might not sound as deep as you want it. Using a pop shield/filter will get rid of a lot of the nasties in the voice recording, they're pretty cheap to pick up or you can make one .
2014/6/26 19:47:27
Magician Talks About San Diego Busking I have no idea what I just watched but it was intriguing. This is a great start, keep playing and use the knowledge in these forums to help improve your skills.
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