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2014/6/9 19:07:22
Using a separate vocal audio track in music video. As video567 suggested your best bet is to record the vocals as you said then add your music track in an external video editor whilst muting the audio coming from the muvizu clip. Try if you don't already ave video editing software.
2014/6/9 19:02:46
New mod! Hey guys,

I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself as a new mod on the Muvizu forums. I've spent some time with the software and with the Muvizu team a few weeks ago and am really excited to be a part of such a cool piece of software.

A bit about me, I live in the south of England and have a background based around audio recording and more recently animation. I've worked in professional recording studios and right now I work with a company specialising in motion capture, so I feel like I'm pretty well equipped to take on this challenge, with skills and experience in a lot of the animation production process.

I'll be about on here at least once most weekday evenings (GMT) to keep you in check as well as answering as many questions as I can (if the moguls don't beat me to it) and sharing any tips I might think are useful to you guys. We also have plans for regular competitions which I want to involve as many of you in as possible.

That's all for now but look out for me and be kind to me (I'm still a noob kind of), and if you have any questions about Muvizu, me or life in general feel free to hit me up.

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