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2016/1/23 8:43:43
Muvizu, Italian Success! Subscribe to the Motion Toon Channel on Youtube:

Is the direct link:
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2016/1/22 22:42:03
Muvizu, Italian Success! A worldwide Muvizu, I wanted to tell you that here in Italy and I and my group, with a series of folk animation, created with Muvizu, we were interviewed by a local newspaper on our projects.
I share with you friends and colleagues our recent small goal!

The article can be found in this link below.


Is The Original Article:

This is a First Episode of Series mentioned in the article

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2016/1/7 16:03:58
Dog e Blog for The Forest! This episode of the series of Dog & Blog, and was made in honor of the International Day of Forests. (Also available in English Subtitles)

2015/12/28 16:48:36
My Last Video PatMarrNC wrote:
you should probably put your video on youtube.
The current setup requires some kind of download, which typically causes antivirus programs to flip out.

I'm sorry, but the link has prepared them a friend of mine I see now to report what I have said.
2015/12/28 15:57:01
My Last Video Follow my Youtube Channel: Motion Toon -
2014/12/8 17:12:48
Vita da Intervallo - Episodio 1 This short was my first project with Muvizu, and the distance of the two years I would like to show. The video is a mute, given the initial lack of Voice actors.

Enjoy it !!!

2014/12/2 16:05:47
Una Notte sull'Isola - Il Commento English Version:

Dear friends Muvizu, I wanted to show another of my creation, I know that in Italian and not understand anything. But I'm working as I had previously mentioned in another my post, I'm trying to make available to all videos in my youtube channel a subtitling in English.

However, if any of you would feel to comment on my video or something else, it would be very welcome thing.

A big hello to all of you people Muvizu.

Versione Italiana:

Cari amici di Muvizu, volevo mostrarvi un'altra mia creazione, so che in italiano e non ci capirete niente. Però sto lavorando come avevo precedentemente accennato in un'altro mio post, che sto cercando di rendere disponibile per tutti i video del mio canale youtube una sottotitolazione in Inglese.

Comunque se qualcuno di voi si sentisse di commentare il mio video o qualcosa d'altro, sarebbe cosa molto gradita.

Un grande saluto a tutti voi gente di Muvizu.

2014/11/27 16:03:14
"Schizzi di Umorismo con Dog e Blog" - Episode 4-6 ITA: Qui ci sono i due episodi mancanti, che non ho caricato nella galleria.

ENG: Here are the two missing episodes, which I have not uploaded in the gallery.

Enjoy them

Episode 4 - Episodio 4:
Autunno Romano

Episode 6 - Episodio 6:
G20, No Grazie!!

Later I will to subtitle all episodes in English
2014/10/21 22:10:21
Stop the spam! Congratulations Muvizers, now he was breaking the spammer, but nothing else to do than come to bother us.

Again congratulations Moderators of Muvizu.
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