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2014/8/19 13:27:25
Need African Clothing (Costumes) for Characters I am making animation with african stories but can't seem to find african attires, can anyone help with the custom texture for both male and female

Please please be reasonable in your quote i have lots of these to do

2014/8/19 13:18:59
Need to place human faces (Pictures) on Model I want to make an animation with real faces and i have tried the tutorial of placing faces on models but it never seem to come out right i need help can anyone help me with this.

And please be reasonable in your quote as i have many of these to do

2014/8/12 9:29:57
Where to find appropriate models size for import Where to find appropriate models size for import

I see the options for holding and animating with Cell and Mobile phones in the action library, but i can't seem to find a model that fits properly into muvizu character hands

I have downloaded several cell phones and imported into Muvizu as fbx files and none where small enough to fit into the hands of a muvizu character

So, please, please, please - can anyone tell me where i could find Models like Cell Phones, Home Phones, Ipads, Laptops and others such electronics i can import into Muvizu and it will of appropriate size.

Thanks a million in advance
2014/7/14 10:28:30
Importing object error Thanks a million Guys, it worked

Thanks again
2014/7/13 19:49:51
Importing object error Am new to Muvizu and i went through some of the old post but was unablr to find answers, am sure this question has been asked before so forgive me for asking again

I downloaded some objects from the Asset section of this site and when i try to import any into my Muvizu i get the following error

"The object you are trying to import is either too large, or is being positioned outside the world"

How do i rectify this issue
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