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2014/7/9 17:35:38
Question About Music Rights I was on Micro Soft Movie Maker and it had a link to a site
its not my site i have no affiliation just thought it may help people here.

A Creative Commons license

Attribution Only
Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike
Attribution-NonCommercial NoDerivatives

Public Domain
Allows for commercial use
Allows for use in a remix or video
2014/7/9 8:35:54
New Member Well I have everything working now. The program is great if a little addicting. Already made three short cartoons. Just trying to learn the functions. I can tell that it's not going to be overnight but even at limited knowledge you can still work it.
2014/7/5 20:22:33
New Member TY for the welcome
2014/7/5 6:38:51
New Member Hello all,

Two days ago I downloaded the free version and today I am downloading the Plus+ (a few minor glitches, cant get it to accept the key. I sent in a support ticket and I'm sure I will be up and going soon). So I have the feeling I will be stopping buy here all the time. I was looking around at some of the post that were left and I feel so out of my league here. So thank You in advance for all the silly questions I am likely to ask.

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