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2010/11/25 10:13:28
Current Codec Trend and Workflow...? Hi inlimbo,

It's built into Muvizu. When you do Make Movie at the point that it asks for a file name go to the drop down box below the filename and select Targa Sequence. You probably want to make a new folder though as there will be a lot of files generated.

I don't really use vegas or Premiere so I can't help you on that question.
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2010/11/25 10:10:06
Text? See also -



I use AVI Synth to do subtitles or credits myself. I'm hopeing to find some time to do a tutorial video on it in the near future as it uses Scripts I'd rather not rush to give an explaination.
2010/11/25 10:09:26
Fancy Credits See also -



I use AVI Synth to do subtitles or credits myself. I'm hopeing to find some time to do a tutorial video on it in the near future as it uses Scripts I'd rather not rush to give an explaination.
2010/11/25 10:08:24
Text or subtitles See also -



I use AVI Synth to do subtitles or credits myself. I'm hopeing to find some time to do a tutorial video on it in the near future as it uses Scripts I'd rather not rush to give an explaination.
2010/11/25 9:55:27
edit environment Hi zacchang

Can you tell us some more about what is happening for you?

Are you loading a set created in a previous version or have you started with a new empty scene?

The latest version has a new feature that lets you change the brightness of the sky and ground colour, so one possibility is that your ground has been set to 0 brightness and even though you've changed the colour the fact you have may possibly have the brightness at 0 could mean you can't see the change. This might not be the case, but it might also be the case.

Let me know some more details and hopefully we'll get it sorted for you.

2010/11/22 13:16:31
Silence of the Coders Great work Dreeko!

Did you do all the voices?
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2010/11/17 11:41:55
Looking for an Animator for short project. It's an interesting proposition Jo - Can you link to any of the audio you want animated? I think the choice of audio and the expected animation of it might be a decisive factor in someone picking this up.

2010/11/16 11:52:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ukBerty wrote:
Your comment on the movement surprises me - I thought that the movement was all relative which is why you use this mechanism. If it's absolute then can I add my voice to the campaign to getting start and stop locations possible to set on the timeline and then Muvizu moves the characters between them.

Thanks for getting back to me Berty, I will take a look at your bug video shortly.

The movement is relative to the character, object or camera position, this means you can have a movement path recorded and then rotate the character 90 degrees without breaking the movement. You can also move the character at any point during, before or after the movement events without affecting the path the character, object or camera follows. What I was meaning, in relation to deleting movement blocks is this:-

If I want the character to follow a straight line from A to D but inbetween A and D I want the character to stop 2 times, do an animation and continue. I would first:

1. Record the character walking from A to B
2. Stop and animate
3. Record movement from B to C
4. Stop and animate.
5. Record C to D and finally stopping.

If I then go and delete the movement block from B to C the next block going from C to D must also be deleted as the character, camera or object does not have any knowledge of how to go from B to C to continue the last block of movement. The effect would be a teleport from position B to position C, so all blocks after the deleted one also needs to be deleted.

This is different from animation events that do not contain any positional data for the character, etc. So you can have 3 animation blocks and deleted the 2nd one without the 3rd one being deleted.

The difference between the bleeding edge release and the last release at the end of august is that the animation events and character movement events have been seperated on to different tracks which makes it very clear that everything has been deleted after the event you want to remove, where as before the movement blocks would all be deleted after the one you want to remove but animation events would remain.

Dreeko wrote:
We could delete inbetween blocks from the camera movement timeline in the previous version do you count this as one of the" everything else bugs"?

Yes, this is a bug. This type of movement, where the system basically assumes the correct movement path to go between 2 blocks is bad practice and can lead to unpredictable results. There may be a more elegant solution to this situation, but that will be some time away, at least until the Unreal engine has been updated.

Hope this helps,
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2010/11/15 9:56:31
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:
We're working towards a new release that should fix the outstanding issues with this version, and we appreciate the feedback you're giving us. Please keep it coming. The more information you can give us, the better we can make the next version for you.

As Neil said, thanks for the feedback. The one thing I want to point out about these timeline bugs is that the movement track will always delete anything after the one you want to delete. This is because the character needs to know its position during movement and if you delete one block the rest no longer make sence. Everything else listed are bugs

ukBerty - could you give some more details on this memory leak? I've certainly seen some lower performance with sets but nothing as obvious as you said. What sort of things were you doing? Lots of audio or imported objects and textures? Lots of characters and movement or animation?

2010/11/15 9:47:02
Ghost House episode 3 Nice one John! Really enjoying the series so far.

How are you finding directing objects? Do you think it will replace the post-processing for doors?
2010/11/15 9:37:57
possible to save imported objects in your favs? Hi Toonarama,

Currently it's not possible to save custom objects in the favourites system - the simple reason is that the favourites system does not work for custom content, since it's not pre-built into the appliction it's difficult to save using that system. Try creating a backdrop, import a JPG or whatever images you have kicking about, and then save it to favourites. Once that is done if you try to create that backdrop from the favourites system the custom imported image will have been lost. This is something we'd like todo but we're focusing on the big features just now so it might be a while before the favourites system is updated.

Hope this helps,
2010/11/15 9:34:19
That is what i call emotion Thats a great video, been in my youtube favs for a while now - it's just so simple yet full, of both emotion and little detail (the cogs on the box for example).
2010/11/10 15:33:19
WHere are my creations Ah-ha! I got your youtube channel from your profile

Given that your videos have been going up consistently for over 1 month I think this might be down to the video not being uploaded via Muvizu.com / profile page. So our system has no way to know that we should be pulling back your videos.

Let me know, I'll look into it further if this isn't the case.

2010/11/10 15:23:37
WHere are my creations Hi Wayfinder,

I looked through the CMS used for video moderation and there are no videos listed for you.

Did you upload through the Muvizu site or directly to youtube or using the youtube upload within the application?

If you directly uploaded to youtube then we won't have anyway to know to bring your videos back and display them on Muvizu.com so you need to either upload via Muvizu.com (goto your profile, theres a Upload Video button there) or through the application.

If you've done all this, and I'm sure you have, can you drop me a message or email or reply here with your Youtube account name, the URL of your videos on youtube and I will have a closer look to see what has happened.

2010/11/5 12:03:35
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Dreeko wrote:

I seem to be banging my head against a wall when it comes to this codec malarky

The situation is this:

I have outputted all my scenes in xvid and edited in vegas and since found out that the rendered file from this has a lot of blocky artifacts throughout. I know (now!) that xvid aint the best for editing but the deed is done as far as mega-editing goes in vegas

Now if i take the xvid scenes and convert them to another format (motion jpeg or whatever) and try and swap them with the edits in vegas will i experience the same thing because the source files have been xvid originally or is it an editing issue?

please help this has been holding me back for ages!!



The easiest solution - without re-rendering everything in Muvizu is just to run the output XVID AVI's through virtual dub and re-encode them as XVID. This will let you post-process without the artifacts you describe.
2010/11/4 10:30:45
What codec do you use and why? Matt wrote:
I use huffyuv, because it's lossless so there's no quality loss when I edit it up in my video editor. Plus, it's very quick to edit with, which is a massive plus.

Hi Matt -

Your videos are certainly of amazing quality - huffyuv must be great. I've never tried to use it but I think I'll give it a go. Is that the same huffyuv I listed in the poll "Huffyuv v2.1.1 - CCESP patch v0.2.5:" hopefully it is and I don't need to go install another version

2010/10/15 9:45:05
Character won't warm up Hi toonarama,

We found a bug recently that meant that camera overlay effects were not being applied to the camera preview during any of the stages, direct, timeline playback or make video. It did work on the little camera preview when in create or prepare modes. This does not really sound as serious as the issue that you've described. The work around for this issue was to close Muvizu (remembering to save) and then re-open your set file at which point it works.

Could you give us some more details? Some steps to follow here to see if we can recreate it or even better some screen shots of video captured from your screen as you use Muvizu.

2010/9/23 13:06:20
Facial animation Dreeko,

It's an interesting idea and generally has been considered (not in the way you describe though). Currently in the application you do get different extremes of facial expression for each mood, but these are randomly selected when a mood animation is used.

If you create a character and keep hitting Happy Idle, for example, you should see a few different happy style expressions. The same is true for angry, sad, scared, evil and fight. The down side is that once it is selected or in use you have no control over it.

It's something we can add to our wish list but don't hold your breath for it any time soon
2010/9/16 16:35:02
Bug that is driving me nuts Hi ukBerty,

The issue with objects turning pink when you open a set has already been sorted and will be in the next update to Muvizu. If you set the opacity option to use the Opacity Mask and then save it should all work fine.

As for the sitting issue, thanks for this - I thought we had fixed all these problems but it seems to creep back in from time to time. I'll send the bug on to the right person.

2010/9/15 15:06:50
Uploading To Muvizu Hi Frendor,

I've checked the moderation system and unfortuently there are no videos listed for your account. We have had a few problems with upload videos but these seem to be fixed with a second upload. What you need to do is:-

1. Login to Muvizu
2. Go to "Profile"
3. From the "Profile" page click on the "My Account" link
4. On the "My Account" tab check that your youtube user name is listed there, its just after your username for Muvizu and your icon. If this is not listed there what you need to do is click the link and follow the steps to link your Muvizu account to your Youtube account.
5. Go to your "Profile" again and this time, from the left hand menu, click on "Upload a Video" at this point all you need to do is enter a name and description, click next and select the file you wish to upload.

If at #4 your account is listed or after #5 and a 24 hour (weekday) wait for moderation to be completed your video has still not shown up then please let us know.

In the mean time could you tell us your youtube username and link to or embed the video here so we can check the details from youtube compared to what youtube sends back to Muvizu.

Hope this helps,
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