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2013/4/18 15:24:33
Muvizu Play will not launch Nahton wrote:
It's still a good news-bad news situation. I can launch and start new projects but trying to load my old one crashes the program every time.

I'm glad to hear there has been some progress Nahton, when you say the old one crashes? What do you mean? Set files or an old version of Muvizu?
2013/4/18 15:23:03
Startup error hi FMt1,

Marco's suggestions of turning off your anti-virus can help as sometimes they interfere with your downloads. Another option would be to use a download manager, something like http://www.getright.com although there are plenty of others out there!

Hope this helps!
2013/4/18 14:18:36
Blog - link missing? simonheffer wrote:
Oh and I noticed writing this that the tab key didn't take me from Subject to message as I would have expected.

simonheffer wrote:

FYI, I'm using Firefox 19.2.

I'm not able to reproduce this problem either. I'm using FF 20.0.1 - maybe its an issue with 19.2?
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2013/4/15 11:38:01
Double click camera window - CRASH Hi folks, especially testers...

On the general feedback thread for Muvizu:Play 1.0 gimmick notes that double clicking on the camera window causes a crash.


We're completely unable to reproduce this issue here at HQ so we need your help. Has this happened or does it happen for you? If so can you

a) list your computer specifications (graphics card, memory, operating system, if you've installed the 3 required packages with 1.0 or if you had them installed from before)
b) give us a list of steps to follow to get the crash
c) give us screen shots or video of the crash happening (cam studio is a nice little free program to record your desktop http://camstudio.org/)

Many thanks!
2013/4/10 16:36:02
Bugs@Muvizu.com atacar wrote:
Two times tryng to create the new character "Rosie", then it is the result:

Hi atacar,

The first thing I would recommend you do is uninstall and make sure there is nothing left of Muvizu (check C:\program files and delete any Muvizu or Muvizu Play folders after uninstalling). Restarting is always a good idea at this point. I'd then install the full version of Muvizu:Play and make sure that Rosie still does not work. If it she still does not work, let us know and we'll take things from there!
2013/4/10 13:19:15
Muvizu Play will not launch Hi Nahton, there isn't a log file you can send us. The first thing I would suggest doing in uninstalling everything. Then make sure that the folders (default location - note also if you use the 32bit version on a 64bit computer add (x86)) c:\program files\muvizu and c:\program files\muvizu play are deleted.

Generally its always a good idea to do a restart at this point.

Then get the installer for Muvizu play and perform the install, making sure to install Direct X, .Net and C++ Redisreputables in the process.

Let us know how you get on doing this, and we'll take it from that point if it still does not work for you. Good luck!
2013/4/10 10:28:33
Can't 'Make video' Hi Green537, tado1 - HeyManMarc might be right. What graphics card do you have in your computers?
2013/4/8 10:10:58
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Hi Vincent,

This tutorial video might be of use to you...

2013/4/8 9:53:22
HELP! I tried to join videos but it refused CanuckAmuk wrote:
I tried to join videos together, but when I tried to add one, it refused to add saying it was a different size or frame rate than the other files. Well, it's a different size because one video is longer than the other, but the frame rate is the same 25 f/secound. Can someone help me? I don't want to have to start over and go through this again. This is a final project for a university class. HELP!
**The frame width & height are the same.
**Data and bit rates are different, but one file is basically just words, the other has character movement, so that seems normal.
**The audio bit rates are different, but one is voice over, the other is music, so it's normal for that to be different, no?

I don't know what's going on....HELP PLEASE!

Hi CanuckAmuk,

Can you send the 2 video files to bugs at Muvizu.com and we'll take a look. Thanks!
2013/3/26 16:57:43
Can Wheel of car or motorcycle spinning? and hi Hilmy,

You've picked a few difficult questions there to answer

The cars and motocycles available in Muvizu can't have their wheels spin. It's simple as that.

However, if you import your own vehicles you can make the wheels spin by using animated (video) textures or directing object movement to spin the wheel. Personally, I think directing object movement would not give a very good result for spinning wheels. Importing a video texture would be a better solution.

Here is a tutorial for make aircraft propeller blades spin -

As for buildings exploding into many different parts? You can 1) make your building out of lots of blocks and using direct object movement 'explode' the building piece by piece. This would be very time consuming and difficult to do or 2) you could go for the classic camera cut technique. One camera looks at the building and with the explosion the camera view is covered by smoke you then cut to another camera showing the smoke clearing, the resulting damage and possibly a few bricks or something falling down. 3) If you are feeling adventurous you could try animating 1 building exploding using object movement to take it apart piece by piece and export that video, then remove the background (chroma key) and re-import the video with transparency on to a backdrop so doesn't lag your scene out and lets your animate characters in front of or around the building.

In short, these are more difficult things to achieve easily. Good luck!
2013/3/16 10:48:36
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu I tihnk it needs Element v1.5 to use it in after effects - it does list obj files being include but I don't know how that works - or if the license allows you to use it outside of Element v1.5

To get the inside of the buildings you need to build another set, for the inside. Camera angles and cuts to make it look like a character has gone from inside to outside.

Personally I've found http://www.blendswap.com very useful but you might try looking in the Sketchup 3D warehouse for walls / furniture / fixings / etc
2013/3/15 18:10:35
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu hi marietto,

That does look pretty cool and I imaging it will be really good quality for the price!

Having looked at it, it would be indirectly usable with Muvizu. The package lists OBJ and FBX formats - which won't import directly into Muvizu but you can use something like blender or sketchup (not fbx I don't think) to convert ASE format and then import them into Muvizu.

If you are going to take this route to get models, I'd suggest you try this website here -


(its a search for city models) and download some of the free models. Practice using blender to export ASE files from that or you can search the sketchup 3D warehouse for city models and practice exporting them as ASE so that you know what you are doing before you spend $$$

Good luck!
2013/2/25 17:34:50
Explosion Glad you found out how to do this Rob!

To help others -

There is a option under "Prepare" called "Object Properties" on this window you need to select the 'Trigger' option from the drop down list. Then go to Direct and start recording. When you get to the time that you want the explosion to go off, click the button.
2013/2/19 13:18:13
Download problems Hi coylesey,

You probably need to create a shortcut to the install of Muvizu. I've no idea why its not automatically created one for your son's account - unless you downloaded it with that account but installed it with another account?

Anyway, have a look for "C:\program files\muvizu" on your computer, remember to use your son's account to do this.

Inside that folder there will be another folder called "binaries 64" and inside that there will be a file called "Muvizu.exe"

If you right click on the "Muvizu.exe" file you'll have an option to create a short cut. This will place the short cut within that folder rather than where you want it, so you can either cut the created short cut and go to the location (desktop maybe?) that you want your son to find it and paste the file there.

Alternatively you can, after right clicking on the "Muvizu.exe" file, select the "Send to" option and then click the "Desktop (create shortcut)" option to do that straight away.

If you want the shortcut to appear on the start menu, then you can cut and paste the short cut link into
"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu"

Hope this helps!
2013/2/14 16:06:59
Credits Hi moviezoo

You can do scrolling credits within Muvizu in 2 ways.

The first way is how you've described. Write out your credits in paint, photoshop, gimp or whatever and import the image. To get the credits to start scrolling at the time you want them to you can use the object properties feature to direct the speed or image.

Directing an image change:

1. Create your backdrop and position it as you want in front of the camera.
2. Edit the backdrop and change its colour to Black (or whatever suits the background you want)
3. Set the scroll speed to the desired pace
4. Go to the "Prepare" menu and select the "Object properties" option
5. Make sure the "Object" drop down has the backdrop you want to use (you can select the object just by clicking on it in the scene area so its highlighted with the red reticule).
6. From the "Track" drop down menu, select the "Image" option, the window will change to let you select the images (or colours) you want to direct.
7. Check the "Initial" image is the colour black, if not change it here
8. Click on one of the "None" thumbnail icons and import the credits texture you want to use
9. Click the direct button
10. Begin recording and when you get to the time you want the credits to begin just click on the thumbnail image of the credits you want to show, this will change the image on the backdrop to the credits and reset the position of it so that it scrolls from the beginning.

Directing scroll speed

1. Create your backdrop and position it as you want in front of the camera.
2. Import your credits image and load it on to the backdrop

3. Go to the "Prepare" menu and select the "Object properties" option
4. Make sure the "Object" drop down has the backdrop you want to use (you can select the object just by clicking on it in the scene area so its highlighted with the red reticule).
5. From the "Track" drop down menu, select the "Speed" option, the window will change to let you select the speed the image scrolls at.

6. Make sure the "Initial" value is set to 0 (no scroll)
7. Go to direct and begin recording
8. When the time gets to the point you want the credits to scroll at simply move the slider along to the desired scroll speed.

Hope this helps
2013/2/1 11:26:06
Trouble installing heros and villains characters Hi John,

The first thing that comes to mind is you are using a 64bit version and the install is looking for a 32bit version by default?

When you are installing the hero and villains pack, have a look at the install location. If it says "C:\program files (x86)" and you know you are using the 64 bit version then remove the (x86) part from the path and it should install fine.

If this isn't the case, can you let us know -

a) where Muvizu is installed
b) what version of Muvizu you are using (start muvizu, go to the ? icon on the top right hand corner and select about, the version is along the bottom of that page)
c) have you tried to use the full version of Muvizu? It contains all the content packs and might be the easiest way to get all the content packs.
2012/12/20 10:09:24
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. This is a nice idea EEF!

I totally missed this thread when you created it, must have been a busy forum day

I've added the suggestion to our post-it note wall
2012/12/20 10:06:01
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
If any of these voices are any good to ya I'd be happy to help.

Can also do a pre-pubic girly voice

Awesome voices there maeruskanaerus, you have quite the talent there!
2012/12/15 15:31:17
Safety Animation Video Entry haha! very good, useful message as well.

Shame they only saved one guy though... Stick Out Tongue
2012/12/15 15:27:55
Jingle bells at Muvizu Good job! I think the drums are very nicely timed as urbanlamb says
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