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2012/10/16 10:14:22
Startup error Hi aayz_10 - sounds like you've got a corrupt installer. Try downloading it again, I'd recommend you try our mirrors to get a fresh download. The links are here -

GE.TT 32bit & 64bit - Full versions

Gamershell - 32 bit - Full version
Gamershell - 64 bit - Full version

Let me know if this does not work, or even if it does, and we'll see what else we can do. Good luck!
2012/10/15 11:41:03
Crash Personally I favour wav files for using in Muvizu and in post-production.

Anyway, could you send me the mp3 that is crashing for you simon?
2012/10/15 11:40:07
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects I can't see any problems with the Medieval tent, the texture works fine for me, do you have a screen shot of the problem? Did you import it with id texture enabled?

Urbanlamb could you let me know the name of some of the objects that are not working for you?
2012/10/11 17:48:10
Collision Import Error hi digger,

This happens quite a lot, unfortunately. What you need to do is make your collision as simple as possible. Some things to keep in mind -

1) keep all your collision to primitive geometric shapes. cubes work best.
2) only put collision where you really need it - e.g. along the base of the object so it sits on the ground and only the places where you want a character to stand.

If you followed the tutorial step by step to make the stairs then try cutting the steps into separate cubes and re-export.

If that doesn't help send us a screen shot or skp file as that would make it easier to see whats gone wrong.
2012/10/3 16:23:18
Rendering time Hi ekessler - I think Marco is right, that you don't need to upgrade. You can if you want of course.

When you are rendering in Song Vegas what it is doing is taking source frames (basically images) and applying any effects or changes you made in them and then saving out more images as a sequence to a AVI or other format video file.

When Muvizu is rendering what it is doing is taking a lot of objects and characters, applying textures, colours, shadow, lighting and all the other effects in your scene before it finally produces frames to put into the video - so this type of rendering will always take longer than a video editor.

If you did buy a state of the art new graphics card, then you probably would get some performance increase and therefore a decrease in render time. Its not possible to give an estimated time for 1 minute of video as every bit of video you are rendering is different. One scene might have fog and fire effects with lots of spot lights and realistic shadows enabled while another scene, of the same length, might have just one character. So the estimate comes down to so many factors that there isn't a comparable base to give an estimated render time.

I hope this makes sense
2012/10/3 9:57:42
Never able to import Video...Need Help Step 1+.... Send your AVI video into bugs@muvizu.com and we'll take a look.
2012/10/3 9:41:24
Opening Set files I keep getting this The extreme version of Muvizu maybe the problem EEF. It's a bit out dated now anyway as we released a stable version early September. I'd recommend upgrading to the latest stable release version before you do anything else.

If you want to go back to other versions of Muvizu they are available on the download page or I can post mirror links to let you download them.
2012/10/3 9:37:20
Never able to import Video...Need Help Step 1+.... EFF the HD or not should not matter, although HD videos will make Muvizu run a lot slower. The problem could be the bit version of Muvizu you are using. If you are using 64bit Muvizu you need 64bit codecs and 32bit codecs for 32bit Muvizu. Let me know if this works...
2012/10/3 9:35:36
Problem update texture ... Hi Freeman, your spiderman skin is looking good! It should be listed on your profile now. The delay comes from us moderating all content that comes into Muvizu.com so this can take about 24hrs, depending on when you upload.
2012/10/2 15:55:40
Opening Set files I keep getting this EFF - The icon you see is basically a saved image within the file that windows displays rather than the default Muvizu icon. So seeing the thumbnail icon doesn't mean anything is working with Muvizu.

The favourites are saved on the computer you were using Muvizu on at the time, not in the set file. So if you've saved them on the laptop and transferred the set to your desktop the favourites won't be available either. This is also the case if you uninstall and reinstall Muvizu, the favourites you've made are removed when Muvizu is removed.

Normally when a set gets to this point, of not loading, there isn't much you can do. If you created the set in a previous version of Muvizu you can try going back to that version and open the set file there, remove or delete things, save and try loading it in the latest version. This might work, but then again, it might not. If you send your set file into bugs@muvizu.com we can take a look and see if there is anything we can do.
2012/10/2 15:50:46
my latest adventure Hi fazz - welcome to the forums Big Grin

These are really great videos - nice concept and highly entertaining. Hopefully it'll not take you to long to think up some more random non-sense.
2012/10/1 11:41:12
anti-aliasing Couple other things worth noting:

Drivers don't seem to change this, the one computer this happens on in the office had drivers from about 1 year ago and was then updated to the most recent version.

If you go back to Direct X 9, UrbanLamb, do you get the expect AA result in the Make Video window?

John - can you double check the direct x settings under file > options? The only time they wouldn't be shown is if you only had DX 9 installed, in which case there is no other choice available so it hides the option. It should go Video header (resolution, codec, configure codec button, AA check box) then Rendering (Direct X version drop down list).

2012/10/1 11:32:46
anti-aliasing Just putting some info together here about where this problems happens, thanks for the contributation UrbanLamb. So far it seems to only affect NVIDIA cards. I've tried several ATI / AMD cards and each time they have given the expected result.

At Muvizu HQ we have reproduced the problem on an NVIDIA 310

John, you've used a GTS 250 and a Quadro FX 2700M? This one? http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_quadro_fx_2700_m_us.html

UrbanLamb you have this problem on a GTX 560 Ti ?

So the list of cards NOT working is -

NVIDIA Geforce:

GTS 250
Quadro FX 2700M
GTX 560 Ti

Cards that ARE working -

NVIDIA Geforce:

GTX 460

I'd be interested to hear from anyone using Muvizu with one of these graphics cards who has AA working as expected or if you have a different model of graphics card and this problem let us know as well. Of course if you have the AA problem with one of these cards then speak up as well, it's useful to know how wide spread this problem is.
2012/9/28 12:41:11
anti-aliasing Hi John,

The latest version of DX has components of 9, 10 and 11 in it, So technically you can have all 3 but the one Muvizu is using is the one you pick from the drop down menu in Muvizu's options (file > options).

The engine was updated at the start of 2012 so, yes, it could be a contributing factor.

So far we've tried 4 computers (or is it 5?) you've tried it on 1 or 2? and I've tried it on 3 computers in the office. The results are that 2 do display AA as expected and one does not.

So we're still a bit stumped, at least we are able to reproduce it on one computer now!
2012/9/28 9:34:31
Error loading set file Hi William,

Send your set file into us at bugs@muvizu.com and we'll take a look. I don't think there is any way to directly find out what the object is (yes, the error message could be better...) however what might work is if you go back to the version of Muvizu that you used to save the set with last, that should be able to open it and from there you can strip out objects until you are able to open it in the latest version.

Hope this helps!
2012/9/27 10:02:10
Sketchup to Muvizu It's a beautiful looking model Dylly. The collision should be pretty easy though? All you need is 3 flat levels for the base / ground, 1st floor and 2nd floor followed by some collision on the steps. I wouldn't think you'd need to have collision on the walls or roof or anywhere else - though I've not seen the script for what its going to be used for.
2012/9/27 9:51:40
Rebirth I liked it, yeah!

I think artpen and urbanlamb have some good points but really, what it comes down to, is: are you having fun?

Good luck and I do hope to see more.
2012/9/26 10:44:00
anti-aliasing Very frustrating John!

Have you tried using DX9 to see if that works? I can understand why your wanting to use DX11 but if it works with DX9 then it would give us a starting point to understand what's going on. I don't think this is a codec issue, you should be able to see the effect of AA within the 3D environment as well as on the make video window.
2012/9/26 10:39:07
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EP 10 !!!!!! Awesome episode guys - about time to
2012/9/24 16:45:10
Christmas Assets That is highly disturbing Emily!
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