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2019/11/8 4:30:42
Config parser Framework64 error Hie guys i keep getting this Framework64 error after updating to framework version 4.7
I cant access Muvizu for the past 48hrs because this error pops up everytime i try to open the software. Please help, how can i solve this one?

2017/4/23 11:40:26
Digimania has gone into administration I am an online games developer and it wasn't hard to see that such an ending was unavoidable. Digimania had a good product going here but they were also a good example of "bad community management". I followed the Muvizu blog even though it came very rear and I never found helpful info there. I also read all news letters but they were always selling us something too. The YouTube channel was last updated 3-4 years ago, Facebook page has one post a month too. There was nothing to engage the consumer into spending something. Users gained a culture of work "arounds" to compensate for the little "short coming" in the program. This could have been a signal to the devs to improve and bypass the work "arounds" update after update hence showing the user that the devs were paying attention to their needs. To my surprise, most of the developments proved the devs had no idea where they where taking the project for example the:
Oculus VR expansion pack
What I would describe as a great but useless toy not worth the time limited and resources used on it.
If only there had been more "animation life" changing developments like the
Key framing expansion packIn this mobile age, characters still can't fully interact with smartphones they can't put food in their mouths etc, so instead
of releasing useless packs why not give the users more freedom to create their own custom actions.
With a little more attention from the developers through a community management or marketing team, this could be an international animation household name. This could be a hit on Steam and other platforms, hence taking care of the business side of things. I wrote about this a while ago too, I guess I was a prophet of doom in a way. The devs should get what is coming to them as they could have influenced the fate of this project while they had the chance but didn't.
2017/4/21 11:07:22
Digimania has gone into administration Wow that's really sad news indeed. So who does one contact to buy the software? I know a couple of Russian companies that could do a great job with it.
2016/1/23 9:06:43
Failed to load object from file Thanx for blessing us with your presence Muvizu_Admin.
Quick question, soooooo... when is the next release exactly?
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2016/1/22 8:29:08
Failed to load object from file MrDrWho13 wrote:
Muvizu isn't a very big corporation. It's just a small company in Glasgow.

I love muvizu and with a little community management here and there, it has a potential of being huge!
2016/1/22 7:55:38
Failed to load object from file PatMarrNC I had already written to "support" a couple of times since last year but thanx for the advice anyway
Not that this is related to this problem but I'd like to believe its partly triggered by how this "failed to load object from file" problem was handled. I follow the muvizu blog even though it comes very rear and I never find helpful info there. I also read all news letters but they are always selling us something too. The youtube channel was last updated 3-4 years ago, facebook page has one post a month and mostly they are selling us stuff there too.
Look at it this way, the forum is like the press, the newspaper, the reflection of the users sentiments. When am pissed and anyone who's pissed like me will relate when they read my comments and we all stop pouring money to people who don't care to talk to us. A decrease in sells teaches developers to at-least apologize when they screw up, instead of forcing users to have to contact their support team to ask how they can fix their screw ups!
If you didn't know guys, tech support is out sourced these days, it can be a guy in India or Bangladesh you are talking to and all they do is give you standard pre written answers. If muvizu is looking at making it big in this industry, they need to talk to us because we make them who they are.
2016/1/21 17:21:22
Failed to load object from file Guys I dont usually write threads or comment in the forum but this is going too far. Please fix this problem asap. It would have been better if the muvizu "community management" if any, listened to our feedback and gave us hope in telling us that they are sorting it out and the next update is soon. The end of year update was a total disaster but we assumed the muvizu team was polishing out the glitches only to be disappointed after learning that they failed to fix it in the 2016.01.15 update.
I am an online game developer and I know these things happen but at-least have the courtesy to explain to your valued users that you are working on a solution and when the next update is. Keeping us in the dark makes us start thinking of other solutions which involves using programs that "LOAD OBJECTS FROM FILE".
I sit on a board where I recommended this software and funds were allocated to buy license keys and packs to animate a 13 episode series of 24 min each. Am just stating this so as to show you how much of an inconvenience this has been to your users' projects around the world. Such projects cannot wait so professional people simply move on to other softwares. I personally wouldn't want to move to another software but it seems if such irritating problems persist I will be forced to.
I have been reading this thread and all I see are temporary solutions given by well wishers and I would find it embarrassing if amongst those so called "well wishers' temporary solutions" are muvizu officials. Give us an official muvizu assurance that all is under control and other sensible users like me will stick around.
2016/1/20 16:58:49
Failed to load object from file Its still happening, please fix it!
2016/1/19 18:47:46
Failed to load object from file Worst bug ever
2015/5/20 13:27:57
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors It's quite frustrating guys please fix this
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