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2016/11/18 22:55:13
the 12 principles of animation I never took the time to congratulate you, you are a great man and deserve it.

I think you are mogul because you help other people, but if they make you a mogul for being good looking....I should be mogul to

2016/11/18 19:00:33
Apologize MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
But before I do can I just say that you can make really good toons with only a couple of characters. You don't need loads of different objects. Concentrate on writing quality and then start tooning

Yes, this is exactly what I've been saying about Muvizu for years. It's built perfectly for silly little sketches.

I agree, but in my particular case, I want to make better quality sketches every time, like for example the videos of Rod Silva, and for that, you need objects and different things, according to the story that you are working on, to build your set, things you can not find in the muvizu store. I think I am going to star building my own toon city using the primitive shapes which ikes very kindly shared, I will like to learn how to model, but I'd rather spend my time making videos
2016/11/18 18:20:14
Apologize PatMarrNC wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
I don't see the problem. These things were only sold second hand. Think of the Muvizu store as a Gumtree for 3d stuff lol!

Contrary to some comments made in this thread, I think Digimania and the people of the forum DO take copyright seriously. We all agreed on the copyright issues, most of the discussion was about how it was handled, and whether or not Clayster acted with full knowledge of the licensing .

The good news is that Digimania removed all offending items from the store... plus, some people (myself included) have voluntarily removed items that came from Sketchup. The store should be clean today. It was a good thing to have this wakeup call. Now we need to KEEP it clean.

Going forward I think we'll see more focus on making our own models and less focus on importing existing models. We really need to be looking at making our own music too.

FWIW, Copyright law extends to characters, which are the intellectual property of their creators. All the stories about comic characters, movie & TV characters, and any video that rips sound tracks from movies... all that is equally not OK.

In my opinion the forum culture should steadfastly advocate and reinforce the practice of originality in all things... music, characters, models, stories

My 2 cents... more on this later

I agree. But I do not think there is any problem in sharing models with other forum members with external links, or importing models from any modeling program if we use them in our own videos or we share them without economic benefit with other members as they do in other forums, without putting them At the muvizu store...Just to help others, am I wrong?
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2016/11/15 14:05:05
MUVIZU EN ESPAÑOL puppetanimation wrote:
Hola. Un saludo desde España. Un nuevo miembro en español para esta comunidad.

Hola y bienvenido a este foro, si necesitas ayuda estamos para ayudarnos entre nosotros amigo. Que gusto. Saludos
2016/11/14 20:38:50
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store drewi wrote:
Cheers Ikes...
Tony, see Ikes solution above.

OK...I will try that...Thank you
2016/11/14 17:13:29
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store drewi wrote:

hi rod .....I'm getting this black area on my beach ...could be an oil spill.Any one else? i have to adjust anything to get rid of it?

The same happens to me...
2016/11/14 16:38:40
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Rocque wrote:
I luv de island mon! Many tanks for dees, it is da kine primo mo betta.
I open a pineapple in your honor.

Translation: Excellent island and water. I want to live there.

Hahaha That looks like my writing style
2016/11/14 5:46:18
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Just AMAZING Rod...Thank you for sharing your art
2016/11/12 8:32:08
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Can we change the stores name?
2016/11/12 8:29:23
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Oh my good,, yes I Will wait the 3 minutes no problem haha, LOVE the fast Food building, and the Windows building you Will se it on my next video as a tv store huhuuu, great job
2016/11/11 19:36:44
Sketchup to Muvizu Ecintransigente... Espero que esto te ayude amigo... Saludos

2016/11/11 4:55:57
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store I will work on the other scenes and left the cicty scenes for last are the best
2016/11/11 3:08:33
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Clayster, When you think your city will be on the store?, I need it badly for my next video....
2016/11/10 18:34:41
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
well lets hope that textures and models being created by someone else who has not given his permission to resell any of his work is not what is happening (we can only hope)

Pat on the head

Its one thing to once and awhile use stuff with appropriate creative commons licenses and "share alike" and give them out for free if you know how to muvizuize them. Its another thing purchasing assets with copyright and using any parts or textures without their permission.

So hopefully that is not what is happening here. Let's just say a few shall we say 'inconsistencies' have been noticed over time. (yeah i wasn't going to say anything but since its out in the open I might as well say something LOL)
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I understand your point, this is why the building wont be added to the store, even though I did remodel them but the textures are not mine, and I did buy the license that which allows me to resell but their still not being added to the store, the 3D City Backdrops are my creations and along with the cars and trucks because I completely remodeled and didn't use the textures, so I consider those as my creations with inspiration, but the scene that I'm making here can be downloaded from my dropbox once all of the assets are added to your list, so it wont be in the store, Im already working on my won textures for the buildings and maybe added to the store because it then will be completely different, I want everyone to understand that I did it this way for inspiration and as a test for speed and lag to prove that this can work and I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused, I have always used my own!
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Of course...That is perfect, you are not using the same models,
but you are using the same style of buildings and cars, and I like it more than the ones from Muvizu
I think it is the same style that Rodrisilva uses on his great videos, that City looks amazing Clayster
2016/11/10 6:09:54
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store I wan't that City!!!, great work
2016/11/10 3:10:47
MUVIZU EN ESPAÑOL ecintransigente wrote:
Saludos, aqui otro hispano para estar en el foro, bueno señeros vamos aquí exponer nuestra experiencia en Muvizu y explicar alguno trucos que tiene este programa. Aun les dejo el link de mi canal de youtube donde pueden apreciar mi trabajo
He visto el trabajo de Tony es muy bueno
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Me quiero meter a tu canal, pero me sale que ese canal no existe...
2016/11/10 3:08:15
MUVIZU EN ESPAÑOL Hey....Bienvenido Ecintransigente, que gusto, claro...vamos viendo tu canal y aquí nos ayudamos entre todos...saludos y gracias por tu comentario
2016/11/9 2:26:39
Waves simulation Looks very nice Rod....Thank you
2016/11/6 18:00:33
Good tutorial, nice job Tony, tutorials aren't easy to make (as I recently found out). Showing every step was always going to be necessary for this one, and you did it well. Btw it was actually ukBerty who made the Ziggymesh exporter, based on my 'match box' collision volume ASE file, so credit is due to him as well.

OK Ziggy, thank you for leting me know that and thank you for your comments...Best regards
2016/11/6 17:58:50
tonyob67 wrote:
Done Rocque, the subs are in...I hope I did not made a mistake as usual haha

I got lost right around the part where a file was provided by Ziggy. It started going way too fast for me. However, the second time I watched it was much better. I found I could understand it without reading the subtitles. HA! Maybe I will learn how to speak Spanish!

Tony, your English translations are way better than I could possibly do in Spanish, so do not worry about mistakes in that part. I appreciate the excellent tutorial. Now I have a better idea on what happens when you import a model from Sketchup. I never know what they were taking about with polygons, and your tutorial covered it.

I learned a whole lot. I never would have considered centering the object on all axis. I will probably have to watch the last few minutes once more, but this has been excellent!

Thank you for all your time spend in making the tutorial, and then adding the English parts to it. That was very nice of you. Eso fue muy amable de su parte!

I am glad that someone find my tutorial usefull...I was going to do it without any voice at all, then I decide to make the comments with YoYos voice in Spanish....You can pause the video if you feel like go to fast....Thank you Rocque
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