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2010/9/3 14:13:42
Problems with Import Hi,
Good news! Everthing works now, but I'm not sure why... Here's what I did just in case it gives you a clue:
After my last post I rebooted my PC (again!), started Muvizu (the older version), declined updates, and immediately quit the program without creating or saving anything. I restarted Muvizu, again declined updates, and lo and behold all the import and video creation functionality worked again! I restarted Muvizu and this time accepted the update. Everything still worked! Including the .ASE import!
It doesn't seem to me that anything I did could have cured the problem, so I'm giving all the credit to you. I don't know what Celtic incantations you've been chanting, but they did the trick.

2010/9/3 13:12:03
Problems with Import Hi Jamie,
Trying to importing anything causes the crash, not just .ASE files. For example, when I try to place a picture on a backdrop, as soon as I hit "Import" the GPF appears. Also trying to create a video causes the same fault. It seems that any exterior file access is broken ( I can still load all the pre-built images to backdrops).

I tried a system restore to a date before I installed Muvizu, and installed the older version of the program which I know worked when I first installed it, but no luck - same error. Something is seriously fubared with my computer but so far only Muvizu seems affected.

If it helps, I am running Vista Home Premium and Muvizu is (currently) installed in C:\Muvizu

Thanks for continuing to try to help with what is obviously a problem specific to my computer and not Muvizu in general.

2010/9/2 19:40:30
Spurious update request Yes, I saw this while uninstalling/re-installing. It asked if I wanted to update and when I clicked "Yes" indicated that it was downloading the packages but then failed at the end with a message about not matching the manifest. Didn't seem to do any harm though.
2010/9/2 19:36:23
Problems with Import Thanks for getting back so quick.
Rebooting didn't help but we had to try. I'll keep worrying at the problem, in the meantime I'll keep playing with Muvizu since the rest of the program works fine (touch wood).
Again, thank you for the swift reply. Support like this lifts your software to another level.
2010/9/2 16:42:03
Problems with Import Hi
I'm having a problem with Muvizu that I hope someone can help with. I am unable to access any of the import functions (Billboards, Decals, etc). As soon as I click "Import" I get a GPF and the program closes. Importing worked fine on the previous build, so I re-installed that (and turned down the offer of an update) but import funtionality didn't work anymore - I got the same GPF.
I haven't seen anything similar reported on these forums so I'm presuming it's something specific to my PC which is an Acer Aspire 6920g, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDEA GeForce 9500M GS graphics, and 3GB Ram.
Has anyone got any pointers as to what the problem might be? I have screen shots of the error message if that's any help.
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