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2015/7/9 8:58:55
Lip Syncing Problem Hi there, I am trying to make a movie of a news bulletin and have 2 newscasters having a conversation but I don't seem to be able to lip sync more than one line of the conversation for each person. I am using the very latest version (although it is only the free one) which I downloaded this morning. Am I getting something wrong? If anyone can help that would be much appreciated. Thanks
2014/7/24 0:02:35
Recording is not working Hi all can anyone help me please? I am a new user and trying to create a homework project, but when I try and record a dialog, although the sound waves appear as though sound is recording there is no sound on playback. i have checked my microphone, recorded sound in another unrelated programme which works, un-installed and re-installed muvizu but none of these gets sound working in muvizu. Also when i try and import a sound clip from another source it says muvizu has stopped working and closes the programme...grrr! Is there any fix for this please? Thanks
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