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2010/8/15 18:12:14
Distort ratio of blocks It probably wouldn't be suitable for most 3D objects but being able to stretch the primitive shapes out of proportion would be useful.

So for example there'd be one cuboid in the blocks menu that I could make a small cube a large cube and an oblong from.
2010/8/15 18:06:46
Save editing position and/or move to camera POV I'd like to be able to save and return back to a virtual position I was at before and/or go to the position exactly where a camera is viewing.

This would save a lot of dragging my POV around the scene to edit different elements.
2010/8/15 18:03:28
Hide objects When trying to move objects they interact with other objects which isn't always desirable. Someone's already suggested to turn off physics which is great, but also in the same ball park there may be objects in the way preventing selecting or moving another object. I use partially transparent PNG files to make shapes that don't exist but the whole rectangle blocks anything that may be visible behind it that I want to select. I know I can use the Scene viewer to locate the object but then I have to spin round to a position where I can move the object. Or I may have placed a light somewhere virtually inside another object and then I have to move the object to get to the light.

I'd like to be able to hide objects, whether it be completely hidden, wire frame or transparent.
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