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2011/8/1 20:09:33
Is this a new feature?
Is this a new feature or is it just my computer.
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2011/7/19 19:07:49
Character Texture maps It would be nice if someone made a tuxedo
2011/7/12 18:38:09
Rocket School | BFI cost? I am fourteen and live in London so I would like to be there but I'm not sure on much would it cost (unless it's free). So would anyone please explain.
2011/6/8 17:32:29
A tutorial vid from Dreeko We should be able to move between orthographic and perspective mode and there should also be a way to go from top,front,side e.t.c If there is already can some please tell me how
2011/6/1 13:10:29
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" mcmillan-ra wrote:

Just out of curiosity, can you let us know what type of Graphics card you have on the laptop? Is it one of the ones with an nVidia and an intel one - or one of the ATI models?

I have got the "Intel one" and I also had the same problem but it's OK now that I have replaced the DefaultGame.ini.
2011/5/26 19:20:52
Industrial-scale collaboration artpen wrote:
Back in Time
back to the 1885 in the Time machine, in the future, Model 1945 ?)
( A Historical Hero?, Robin Hood ? ) the future - In the meantime, future event , back to the future.
just before the end Turin and Stephen Hawkings turn up in the time machine
Just a little starter, any ideas?
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I think making it a bit like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (not exactly like it) would make an improvement- meaning the central character is made up or a relative of Neville.C, this makes it easier to make control the time changes because you would have an onlooker from a totally different time and we can easily build up a likeable character or a character you would love to hate and see him fail even if it's against hitler
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2011/5/22 19:44:06
Industrial-scale collaboration omnissiuntone wrote:
This may involve things like seducing Hitler's mother to stop his conception.

That would probably cause the biggest paradox possible. If Hitler's mum never conceived him then you would probably not have been born, so you couldn't have stopped her. hmmmm

Unless you....
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2011/4/29 20:46:26
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Here's my rough try

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2011/3/17 22:19:41
playing around Just felt like playing around with stuff.
2011/3/17 22:18:09
Wrong english IanS wrote:
Is it possible that the English actually invented the English language? Maybe it was really the Americans and they called their language 'English' for a joke!


Then again the first english speaking americans would probably have of english decent or english themselve
2011/3/17 20:52:55
playing around

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2011/1/28 18:59:08
The Remote I tried making this but I don't really have time so I hope someone can help.

It's easy and basic. Firstly A thief/ thieves raids a house and only takes the TV remote. The owner could either choose to ignore and just forget or call the police and get laughed at. Then days later the thief/thieves drive past and start changing the TV from outside leaving the owner frustrated but amusing the thieves.

You can add to it if you want.
2011/1/23 10:44:30
Creating a story for new animated series... Make a video according to your mood so there is no point making a funny video if you feel sad and another way is to skim through the sets in muvizu making it easier to develop a theme. You could also just look through all you musics and choose one that could easily be turned into a video.
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