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2020/6/6 4:39:11
Meu último vídeo
2014/11/26 14:43:36
moving a group of letter ziggy72 wrote:
Just to clarify, you can't move groups of ANYTHING in Muvizu as the program doesn't support it yet. It will, eventually

Would be great if you could move groups of objects in "prepare object movement" it would possible move a camera and a light together, or anything else. It will be just perfect. just for now it depends in most of a coordenation that i don't have with the mouse, hehe.
2014/11/20 14:39:01
New characters and animations urbanlamb wrote:
i still want to be able to bend over and get down on me knees without just using sad and sit on the ground and a few other key things

I think than an option like 'create your action' where the user could create a sequence of acts that after could be saved as one action, like, 'i put hand in front and bring back to head' and a i could used this action to simulate the act of pick a cell or a sword, or simulate a hug. The action created could be saved in a bank of acts, than could be selected and put in time of animated actions... it's a suggestion.

(i'm training my english, sorry once more)
2014/11/18 18:36:24
Sinister Question Medieval things open space for lots of cool stories

For a medieval lord would try beard and long hair, perhaps graying, and think of textures that look like thick cotton in shades of gray with color gradient
2014/11/18 18:26:42
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Dwarf wrote:
Swords and guns, that could be PERFECT !

- swords and sword fights

- medieval objects

That would be just insanely perfect,
and all the rest ( to pick up and hug ) may come later .
2014/11/18 18:15:11
New characters and animations artpen wrote:
Yup, crying out for new everday animations, heres mine...
1 - eating with utensils.
2 - bend down to pick something up.
3 - sword play animation.
4 - Diy animations- Hammer, Saw, Screwdriver...
5 - having a drink.
6 - a single handgun shot animation.
7 - Digging.
8 - climbing
9 - nunchaku bruce lee animation (nice!)
10 - Smoking, ( Cigar, Pipe )

Just a little help for the upcoming Muvizu animation pack add-on......

All the best,


swords and medieval objects

This would enrich the films , given that the subject is in vogue ( Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones , etc )

(sorry for my English , I used online translation feature )

o /
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