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2017/4/20 13:29:40
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X PatMarrNC wrote:
what surprised me about the test was the low CPU and GPU usage numbers. Neither the GPU nor the CPU got a workout while rendering your project. What bottleneck keeps either or both of them from throwing power at a problem until it's solved or the computer runs out of resources?

Usually my first place to look would be disk usage or ram usage. In the case with my system, my RAM usage never went over 6GB of the 16 I have installed in my system, and because I render to SSD, my disk usage never even went above 1% for write functions.

The thing I find so odd is that when editing, I'm getting amazing frame rates for moving around the set and creating/editing/moving objects, and have had a few really massive sets opened with a lot of people, and a few particle effects thrown in, and I could still maintain over 30FPS. But render times have always been very slow to either video or TGA/PNG
2017/4/20 13:21:10
Digimania has gone into administration bigwally wrote:
richinri wrote:
I got this on March 6th

Yes, but it's now April 19th.

Well, I know that the Muvizu team were alive and well and active up until at least a week ago when they took down one of my videos and sent me a message explaining why my video and thread were removed from the forums.

Is anyone on the forums from the general area where Muvizu is headquartered? I know that the Easter holiday just came and went and was wondering if it might be usual for people to take an extended holiday following it.
2017/4/20 13:11:39
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X So I want to thank PatMarrNC for doing a Ryzen render test for me with the project file from my most recent Grand Bastardo video.

The results were actually a bit eye opening as I fully expected Pat's system (Ryzen 1800X and GTX1080) to wipe the floor with my system (i5 2500K/HD7970) when rendering image sequences. Yet the render times were not that far off between systems (just about 4% faster for Pat), which leads me to believe that the rendering engine doesn't scale with hardware after a certain point.

Still, there was a solid 17% improvement for rendering directly to MP4 videos which is very encouraging. Especially since I'd likely see as much if not more gains in things like editing my final videos.

Ryzen looks like a winner.
2017/4/20 2:33:13
The Grand Bastardo Presents: Love, Coming up Roses Steev's love life is on the upswing! The Bastardo grills him for all the juicy details! This clickbait description goes nowhere fast!

Another attempt to add a bit more visual flair to the mix with some new blocking and framing of shots. Critique and comments welcome, and for the love of God if you're that one guy who always down votes the videos on my YouTube channel at least tell me why you're down voting. lol

Possibly NSFW due to language
2017/4/20 0:54:56
elevator test for future movies That looks like it could be amazing for Sci fi

Would love to see a tutorial for something like this
2017/4/19 17:08:54
WHERE ARE YOU? I live about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and work as an IT Consultant for the government.
Pleased to meet you.
2017/4/19 14:38:16
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X PatMarrNC wrote:
create a test project and render it so you know how long it takes... then send it to me and I'll render it at your same settings and tell you how long it took. You can message me the dropbox link.

Will do when I get home from work later today. Thanks.
2017/4/19 14:34:50
Video blinking with dar parts Another thing is what are your render settings? Are you rendering to video or to an image sequence? Do you have an up to date codec pack installed?
2017/4/19 12:48:06
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X MrDrWho13 wrote:
That does seem very unusual. Did you see the GPU usage before the most recent update?

I've actually never seen any significant GPU usage while rendering in any version of either the AMD drivers or Muvizu.
In editor mode however, I've seen really complex scenes use up 80-90% of the GPU and most of the VRAM while navigating/directing etc. In fact, other than rendering times, my system works really well with Muvizu. I just don't get why my render speeds are so low. I wish I had a NVidia card to borrow to see if it's just an issue where CUDA core rendering just works better than what AMD has to offer for GPU processing.

My apologies btw for apparently hijacking the thread. I am genuinely interested in a Ryzen upgrade and would love to know what render performance is like.
2017/4/19 1:58:35
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X MrDrWho13 wrote:

The rendering in Muvizu relies almost entirely on your GPU. I know you can get rendering up to what would be considered "real-time" but mine isn't powerful enough to say if it can go faster. What GPU do you have at the moment?

Running an AMD Radeon HD7970 that's overclocked in MSI After burner to be about as fast as a stock R290. When I'm in the editor I'm getting about 60-85 FPS, but when rendering the frame rate tanks to under 10, and many times under 5 FPS.

The strange thing is my CPU usage almost never goes above 45%, and my GPU usage drops to 20%. My Disk usage barely breaks 1% since I render to SSD to avoid having my mechanical drive being a bottleneck for render speed.

I'm running the latest Crimson drivers, and fully support DX11, so I'm not sure why this is happening only during rendering.
2017/4/18 21:37:21
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X What are your render times like for exporting videos/TGA(or PNG) sequences?

I'm looking to upgrade, as I'm finding my overclocked i5 2500k is starting to show its age, but one thing that's always confused me is that my CPU and GPU usage have been so low when rendering to my SSD. I know my disk's write speed can handle high FPS at high resolutions, so there's no bottlenecking going on there, and was wondering if newer platforms are more fully utilized in terms of CPU/GPU power to render out projects
2017/4/18 2:08:29
Vote! - or - "Exercise Your Freedom From Choice " The Grand Bastardo returns with his take on the recent political situation.

So with this one, I decided to put a little more thought into things like my camera work and moving away from the standard 2-shot master I do for all these little skits, and mix in some 1 shots, as well as a bit more head movement to help keep the 180 rule from collapsing. Comments, critique, other "C" words welcome.

Possibly NSFW due to a swear word or two.

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2017/4/14 14:19:18
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob VII Thanks.

It was an...interesting experience.
2017/4/14 13:09:17
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob VII There's nothing like a fresh haircut to really make a man feel great about himself. Or is there?

Let's see if this one can avoid being banned from the forums. Big Grin

Possibly NSFW due to a couple curse words

2017/4/1 23:23:49
The Grand Bastardo returns PatMarrNC wrote:

I agree. I'm about to go down the same politically incorrect road. Still trying to figure out how to do it without alienating half my friends and family.

When I decided to start up The Grand Bastardo (and eventually open a second YouTube channel just for those videos) I just accepted that there would be a lot of people who will either ignore, downvote, or message me about it to give me grief. I pretty much decided that these videos would be to amuse me first and foremost, and if anyone else liked them, it would be a bonus.

That said, I do have "rules" that I follow to not give anyone ammunition against me.

- Mocking stereotypes is on the table. Flagrant racism, and homophobia are not.
- The joke has to be at least slightly more funny than it is horrible. Of you can get to or past the 50.1% funny/49.9% horrible ratio, the joke is viable. Run with it, and do not back down from the punchline.
- The more serious or profound your setup sounds, the harder the twist of the joke should be.
- Public figures have put themselves out there to be noticed and talked about, so jokes about them are never off limits.

In my case, I think it also helps that the main character is a robot. You can get away with more if the main character isn't meant to represent a real person, and especially not the writer. I actually did eventually make a character that looks about as close as I'll get to looking like me.

For example, something like this wouldn't be nearly as easy to get away with if I used my avatar character to deliver the punchline.

2017/3/31 23:53:42
The Grand Bastardo returns I think that we all have that part of our personality that has these kinds of thoughts.

And no sense in keeping them all bottled up inside - will just eat you up after a while
2017/3/31 15:16:53
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 This is awesome. Much thanks!
2017/3/31 15:16:04
The Grand Bastardo returns The Grand Bastardo makes a return to announce a new upcoming season. You've been warned.
Possibly NSFW if you have one of those workplaces that's all uptight about things like swearing. If this applies to your workplace you might want to keep the volume down, watch the video outside work hours, or maybe look for work in a place where the bosses don't have quite as large a stick up their collective ass.
2017/3/23 13:46:45
From The Mind of Some Guy Named Rob VI I had completely forgotten about uploading through my profile here. Thanks!
For now, until I start getting more views and (hopefully) subs, I'm keeping ads off. My old channel had ads and honestly, it wasn't worth it. Though if I can get a steady enough rhythm and some fans, I may do a Patreon thing
2017/3/23 13:22:49
From The Mind of Some Guy Named Rob VI Putting the "Pro" in Procrastination, and putting the in Lazy.
As always, feedback welcome.
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