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2015/12/1 21:38:11
Publishing leads to black screen Thanks for all these details!
2015/12/1 13:27:10
Publishing leads to black screen Thanks for the tip, MrDrWho13.
In the end that was just me doing nonsense, and trying to read the video file with the default W10 player, that just... can't read avi (on my computer, at least).
Reading the vid with FLV for example works just fine.
Thanks anyway, it's great to see that people are willing to help.
2015/12/1 12:10:09
Publishing leads to black screen Hi all, I have a problem using Muvizu that I bought just yesterday. I am ready to publish my first movie, but when I do so, even tough the previsualization seems correct in muvizu when I read the resulting .avi file I end up with a black screen. I do hear the audio part of the movie, but the image remains black.
I checked, from another thread that my avi file is < 2G and that's the case (lowered to 640x480 to obtain this size, the video size is 3 minutes and 26 seconds).
I tried uninstall and reinstall muvizu, but this didn't solved the problem.
I run Windows 10 with 16G RAM and Nvidia GTX 660.
If someone can help me, thanks in advance!
Cheers, Ranrik.
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