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2020/4/10 19:33:27
Happy Easter 2020! HI ALL
Head over to for great discounts!
Have a great Easter weekend with your family and stay safe everyone!

Muvizu Team!

2020/3/27 9:59:20
Custom Texture Is the texture in .ASE format? Or the file is too large.
You could find some help in:
2020/3/10 9:21:50
W2 error message activate every time load software I have fixed the problem, you could try again. If you are asked for activation every time, I suggest you run as administrator.
2020/2/24 9:53:58
Activation Problems If you meet E2, don't activate Muvizu again and again. E2 means your computer driver cannot read license. To fix this, right click the application and run as administrator.
2020/1/10 13:20:39
License Activation Issue It works now, try again please.
2020/1/9 13:03:36
Users asset is resored! Hi everyone,
As you can see, all of you can upload assets created by yourselves. The function is restored, animation lovers and creaters make good use of it. The assets uploaded will appear in the "Online" option of Muvizu application. Everyone can use it freely. But in the past few years, due to some reason, we had lost lots of assets made by our old users. So we hope old users reupload your assets if someone see this post, and welcome new users create your assets><
2020/1/7 13:46:51
ZuTrek Sci Fi Set Coming Soon! Hey, good job!
2019/12/20 17:02:14
The wiki page was fixed. Hello everyone, the wiki page was fixed.
You can find more help from thereSugar High
Happy holidays!
2019/12/6 17:24:28
Can eyeryone see‘Latest from Twitter’on our site? ikes wrote:
Hello Admin,

It's not working here. I only see:


Thank you
2019/12/6 16:20:50
Can eyeryone see‘Latest from Twitter’on our site? Can it be loaded on your page?
2019/12/6 14:16:23
To Meshmellow clayster2012 wrote:
To Meshmellow

For some reason I can't get the image to show in message so I'm doing this here!
I'm sure that this go for everyone , when we try to uplaod a video to the gallery we have this problem!

This is why there are no new videos uploaded to the gallery!
edited by clayster2012 on 2019/12/2

Does the ‘not secure’ message exist now?
2019/11/29 9:32:21
Black Friday deals are coming! drewi wrote:
Bought 3 packs ,now what?
Do i download them or open up Muvizu and go from there?
Hoping i don't mess up my present and much beloved Muvizu set up.
I'm trembling.
Think i have messed things up i have two comps with muvizu on
thought i would just get a code to paste

gulp!! On one computer i have downloaded 2 asian character packs into my muvizu but they are locked tried activating but they remain locked.also tried activating 360 degree pack.

On another computer the one i used to purchase the packs i have down loaded .exe files for the two Asian character packs, but the 360 degree pack says i have to activate in muvizu.
nothing is working out...expect it will eventually....errrm
Running out of activations......running out of ideas.......i wont blame Beijing.....errmm
'spose i have bought them they are in my products section... and it'll turn out ok in the end...errrm?
edited by drewi on 2019/11/29
edited by drewi on 2019/11/29
edited by drewi on 2019/11/29

remember to save your project. I suggest you reinstall the software and you could ask for more helps by email.
edited by Muvizu_Admin on 2019/11/29
2019/11/27 17:51:25
Black Friday deals are coming! Hello Muvizuers!
We are appreciate your continuous support and love for Muvizu in these years. To give back to you, Meshmellow decided to offer 50% off sale on Black Friday which lasts 24 hours! 50% off Muvizu and all content packs. All of you can find items in store. We kindly remind you to register your account in advance to prevent problems. When you pay, it will automatically display 50% off. Don’t let deals pass you by!
This event is subject to Beijing time.
Happy animating!
Black Friday Sale 2019
edited by Muvizu_Admin on 2019/11/27
2019/11/21 9:51:27
fatal error soldlocal wrote:
I am getting the same error

Maybe you should reinstall the software.
2019/11/18 9:15:41
Is Muvizu still supported ? PINAC wrote:
Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing Muvizu but first want to know if it's still supported and is there any customer support ?


Yes, you could contact us via email.
edited by Muvizu_Admin on 2019/11/18
2019/11/15 16:52:59
Announcement ikes wrote:
It's true that most images now appear, but still there are images with missing bottom part.

Can you also answer the last question?

The official assets are almost restored, but users assets need to be reuploaded by themselves. Because of the handover, lots of files are lost.
We are planning to create new characters and repair the users sales. We will upload something new in the near future.
2019/11/8 9:59:54
Announcement ikes wrote:

Some of the UV-maps of the characters in the store are missing the bottom part of the image. This concerns the following files:
- Skeleton
- Dog
- Fat woman
- Fat man
- Male

Also a lot of images do not show on the store and give an error when you click to download . It looks very unprofessional.

When can we expect new characters and actions?

Thanks for your feedback. Now most of the images and download links are available.
edited by Muvizu_Admin on 2019/11/8
2019/10/31 17:26:01
Announcement First of all, I wish you all a happy Halloween.
We are very happy that Muvizu has so many fans and has produced many wonderful animations during this period. Recently, we are fixing the problems that occur on the website. And our payment system has been restored. If you find something problems or have suggestions, you can give us feedback.
2017/4/24 12:55:02
Announcement Lee Antony Manning and Michael John Magnay were appointed Joint Administrators of Digimania Limited (“the Company”) on 18 April 2017. The affairs, business and property of the Company are managed by the Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability.

As a consequence of the Joint Administrators appointment, the Company has ceased to trade with effect from 18 April 2017. The Joint Administrators are currently exploring the potential sale of all or certain parts of the Company’s business and assets. Please note that the Company is unable to continue to provide ongoing technical support to customers for any of its products including Muvizo, Voxelise and Minimaker.

Whilst the Joint Administrators explore potential options for a sale of the business, download of the Company’s applications will temporarily be suspended. Free trial downloads will continue to be available to customers until further notice is provided.
2016/11/24 9:54:46
Muvizu on Steam Hi Guys,

We're trying to get Muvizu:Play+ on Steam ( but we need some votes to get through the Greenlight phase.

Here's the Greenlight page:

Help this software get on Steam! - Steam Community
Help this software get on Steam! Take a look around and learn about this software. If this is something you'd like to see available on Steam, you can help by rating ...

If your familiar with Steam, why not login and vote yes on Muvizu? If your not you could always register and vote yes.

Help us spread the Muvizu word!

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