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2016/7/11 8:23:15
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" Brilliant idea!
Perfectly "served"
2016/5/13 9:36:18
Ghostbusters spoof canceled Please consider me as one of your very first customers.

Coming from the "camera"-video world and practicing Muvizu for nearly a year now - it is quite a huge handicap not being able to draw a cat so that it does not look like a snail.
And so all your creatively made objects do encourage my ideas as to making Muvizu films.
2016/5/12 21:12:10
Ghostbusters spoof canceled Oh nice!
Such a set is a great basis and inspiration for future inventive ideas.
Thank you very much.

Btw. have you considered also posting something from the Alien Grey Cow abduction
2016/5/1 17:15:23
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Then - thank you: whatever you chose to give out will become valuable models in many a Muvizuers tool box.

Now - all that said: as you originally posted - the key framing feature in Muvizu really is a quantum leap forward in many ways too.
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2016/5/1 17:01:59
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Perfectly right - yes - but -
one could feel that asking such not inconsiderable favors might put an - though unintended - but still inappropriate - press on the asked person to reveal some of his close kept nuggets.
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2016/5/1 16:34:20
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Sets ?
Yes, please !
That would be more than great.
I just did not dare to ask for so much
2016/5/1 15:07:21
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) Really high class!.

So many inventive and creative ideas.

Of course an alien spaceship MUST have a red carpet LOL...

Also the nicely fitting music...

And so many well made objects - perfectly fitting the Muvizu style.
Did you make them all by yourself? or is there a store where such goodies can be bought ? (The corn plants etc. ?)

I really hope that the last words ”No worries, you can try again tomorrow” mean that we will see a Number 2 also ?
2016/4/28 11:54:07
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X Have seen it 6 times already - but I'm going to watch it many more times to try to identify and learn about all the really great ideas and solutions packed into every single second of that video.
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2016/4/12 17:52:49
icon images How good it is that we know a gentleman like the most honorable Sir Jamie.
2016/4/11 8:02:07
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? Yes: try to output it in mp4 format (max = 10.000 Kbps) to identify where the problem is.

If the issue is still there in the mp4-output the problem could be that your audio-input to Muvizu is not quite to the rendering codecs taste - and you might have i.e. to maybe lower the bit-rate.
2016/4/8 18:43:55
I'm stumped.... In my environment (windows 7, Sony Vegas) the built-in Muvizu mp4 codec works well at the max available 10 Mbps.

If I need better quality I use Lagarith lossless - but it fills the available 2 GB in under 2 minutes of playing time - so I have to render in parts.
2016/4/4 7:27:17
Some new animated foilage? Quite funny - yesterday I spent quite some time searching for some new animated foliage.

Being a video amateur I see Muvizu as a great extra tool to vary some of my (real life) films which tend to be rather - say - imaginative (according to my friends) - and so I do not have time to make the effort taking even more tools into my bag - and certainly no time to learn to use them properly.

In order to learn Muvizu in depth - and try out what can be done - and what not - I am making a few Muvizu films using Muvizu only (and Sony Vegas for post work, of course).

In one of the scenes - happening in a jungle clearing - I really could need some more different bushes and trees - even if it helps that we can change the colors of leaves and stems of the existing ones - and vary their size - and turn them and ...

So much for extra foliage.

Also there have been wishes for more character actions.
Yes, the existing many ones are good - but how do you make Luke Skywalker reach out and switch on a camera on a tripod before Yoda tries to levitate a space ship? and how do you make Luke reach out and hold his hand over a can of baked beans in order to levitate it too ?
Of course I have solved these issues in the film by using a right point behind the camera+tripod that covers most of the movement etc. - no big problem - and it looks credible for the untrained eye - but I am looking forward to buying an "Character-actions-pack" like the more-than-great "Key-frames-pack" we got in 2015 :- ) please ?
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2016/4/4 6:58:11
FAT MAN OBJ file +1

Very useful, indeed.

Thank you!
2016/4/3 9:03:40
Nuts Amok #3 Very creative.

I specially like the idea of using a (simulated) "handheld" camera in your films (quite distinct in No 2).

It tricks the viewers perception of what is going on - thereby adding very much "realism" to the final film.

It really shows that the cameraman is standing there recording the Muvizu characters as an integrated part of the real world...


PS: One question: Which format/codec do you use for getting the Muvizu video into Vegas ? Lagarith with full HD ?
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2016/4/3 8:42:32
Changing duration and other points This really is a hurdle for me too in Muvizu animation - ah, sorry - direction :- )

To solve sole of these issues I have 2 mice of the very same model (Logitech G3) and their speeds is set differently using the program Eithermouse.
That gives one fast-but-not-so-precise movement-accelerated mouse - plus another very-slow-but-more-precise mouse.

The fast mouse has movement acceleration because else it would be too troublesome to work with my 40" UHD + 30" half-UHD desktop.

That said I must say that the new key-framing gives much more possibilities than I ever could have thought up myself - and hopefully it is expanded to also cover the character movements too...
2016/3/28 12:31:41
Super Large Backdrop ? I could really need larger backdrops than the existing Curved or Widescreen - even if I scale them up to the max (4,3x) it is far too small by a factor 3 or 4 in this case.
For the current set I have stacked 4 curved backdrops (2 high by 2 wide) - but it would be much easier if I could scale just one larger.

Am I missing the right way to do it ? - or should it be a wish for future versions ?
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2016/3/27 21:16:46
Mix fire textures and colors with lights What a really inventive idea - and thank you for sharing.

Gonna use it tomorrow for a campfire where Yoda and Luke are exercising lifting a beer bottle by using The Force :- )
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2016/3/17 19:04:19
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Perfectly right.

When I read harold66's post I could get the idea that he means that Muvizu can sync to one audio track only for the whole video and for all the characters in that video ?

But every character do have their own audio tracks....

And one mostly has to start using a main audio track anyway in order to "synchronize" the characters movements etc to that - long before the mouth-dialogue-synchronizing is done.

So, as PatMarrNC writes: you really need to have the full dialogoe finished before you start moving the first charecter around.

As an example I have just finished a music video where the input was an old sound track from a stage performance (from back in 'eighties).
The band had a lead singer - and a "chorus" singer, whom you do hear - plus the guitarist and the drummer more-or-less noticeable singing/humming some lines along too - but you see their mouths moving.

To do this I recorded a soundtrack for the lead, the chorus etc. - in total 4 tracks - with my own voice - and synchronised the characters to their respective tracks.

Of course the original sound track was also needed to manually synchronize the movements of the 4 musicians too.

After having done all this I just took the video from Muvizu into Vegas, deleted the Muvizu audio track with my voice (gruesome), and added the original soundtrack.

Anyway I had to put it through Vegas because I wanted the dust in the bright stage lights to "live" as you always see at a concert :- ) - but I think it could have been done just in Muvizu - where you could use the main audio track only and mute the rest - just before the final rendering.
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2016/3/10 21:46:01
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? If we are talking "ghosting" unfortunately created by Vegas then it comes from Vegas trying to transform media from one frame rate to another - by inserting some in-between generated images - and not always succeeding.
Parts of the generated images may be offset to - and superimposed upon the original - and so the result looks kinda ghostly.

If you experience it then just disable "smart resample" for that media.
edited by ritsmer on 10/03/2016
2016/3/10 10:51:18
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? In the good olde days (that is 20 years ago) we had PAL OR NTSC .

Today many players can play PAL and NTSC outputting a signal that nearly any newer TV-set will play - or even the TV-sets will convert most input by themselves.

I.e. see: http://www.amazon.com/Supersonic-SC25-PAL-NTSC-Player/dp/B00DCFZ5P0

Asked such questions one can only answer: try it out
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