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2015/12/7 9:01:15
key frames fun +1

The principle of "directing" is great - it has, however, one big downside: It must be done at "full speed" (double-click is also kind of full speed) which is really a problem if you are not a well trained frequent computer gamer - and if one is not fast enough - you end up with "something" not quite as you wished for - and after hours of try-undo, try-undo etc etc.

The idea of inserting actions etc. directly on the timeline is optimal.

I have been producing and editing videos more or less full time for 10+ years using Sony Vegas Pro - and there you can add any action and any change to the media directly on the timeline - which is very FAST and gives great control of what you do.
ALL amateur and professional video editing programs work precisely this way - it is a standard.

Actually one can now "direct" actions anywhere on the Muvizu timeline and then -off line- move them to where you want them - so IMHO it might be a manageable change in the software.

Having experimented with- and used Muvizu for some weeks now I would not stop using the great directing-feature in some cases - but the insert-direct-on-the-timeline-actions and also a possibility to record direction slower than full speed would - in my eyes - be invaluable for Muvizu - and it would expand the number of possible users significantly.

People coming from the video editing world would see such an improvement as something they are used to - and therefore a clear "Buy" when considering purchasing an animation tool.
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2015/12/6 13:59:45
How to: walk, stop and turn in one movement After a good advice here in the forum I do double click and also do move the movement boxes on the timeline as close at it goes - but still my characters have a small hesitation - which is quite unnatural in the human world - but, btw. which I'm beginning to appreciate (and use) as a difference between the cartoon- and the human world.

That said please count me in for a huge +1 when it comes to prioritize development of the 1:x slow-mo recording possibility :- ))

When I was deciding which animation software to use I actually did reject Muvizu at first because of the required full speed 1:1 directing (recording) which I considered very, very difficult for people that never have played any computer games etc. - but later I went back and bought Muvizu because of the many other great features.

Let us tell the Muvizu Sales Dept. that a 1:x slow-mo recording feature might well increase the number of happy buyers - and users.
2015/12/6 13:13:32
How to: walk, stop and turn in one movement I would like to let a character walk 5 meters then - arriving at the destination - it should stop and at the same time turn 90 degrees to the left.

It seems to be difficult to achieve in one long continuous movement - as what what I get at best (have tried that simple thing for some hours now :- )) ) is that the character arrives at the endpoint, then pauses slightly (could be Ok) then turns 45 dgrs to the left - then pauses for about 1/2 second and then finishes the turn by doing the last 45 dgrs.

The problem seems to be the usual for me: I'm not fast enough to do the directing in real time - and the second click on the left turn therefore takes a little time because the movement-palette turns with the first click turn left and I then have to move my cursor and try to hit the turn left again...

Actually I have solved it for my current project where I use Sony Vegas Pro for the final editing and where I can skip the little pause - but I think a solution in Muvizu could be the very much wanted possibility to record movements in 1:2 or better 1:5 speed OR / AND that the different buttons on the movement palette could be activated by some keyboard shortcuts.

I have studied Muvizu, watched the tutorials and exercised for a couple of weeks now in order to use it in a project where the animated characters interact with human actors and human environment - and this calls for high precision positioning and movements - which are next to impossible to record in real time - and which really cost me 10++ times the time needed doing try-undo, try-undo, try-undo, try undo - where Muvizu would work like a dream if it had a 1:x recording possibility.
I would be more than happy if I could buy such an extension with this great improvement.
2015/12/4 8:14:43
Happy characters with closed mouth Thank you !

Yet another brilliant feature in Muvizu !
2015/12/3 16:09:21
Happy characters with closed mouth It seems to me that happy characters always have their mouths halfway open between saying something in a dialogue..

How can I make (slightly) happy (= not sad or angry) characters without half open mouths ?
2015/11/19 8:39:08
More timeline tracks + how to adjust a direction? Great. Thank you!

Now I also found the http://muvizu.com/Wiki/ where my question 2 is well explained in Tutorial 19.

As I am not fast enough to animate a character in what appears as "real time" (i.e. the characters actions while walking) brings me to another question:

Is there a possibility to slow down everything while directing (maybe 1:5 or slower) so that the animator has time enough to apply his things to the character - and then play it all back in real time ?
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2015/11/18 21:10:38
More timeline tracks + how to adjust a direction? I have bought the Muvizu play+ and now the key-frames package - I have watched the great tutorials closely and played/tested for a week - and Muvizu is really a great extension for my video work - but 2 things seem to make the work difficult:

1) how can I see all the direction-blocks (the blue ones) for a character on the timeline while I add some actions? I mean: when I go into actions then the former added directions (blue blocks) disappear in the timeline window. It is then difficult to position the time-cursor precisely for adding further actions ?
I am sure there is a way to see a full timeline with all added directions and actions for all characters in a film - but how.
Maybe I have misunderstood something - but I am used to use the Sony Vegas Pro editor where I have some 10 to 20 tracks on the timeline containing media, sound, effects, texts etc - and where it is possible to overview all things happening at the same time / sequentially with one look.

2) how can I adjust a recorded direction - i.e. if I let the character walk to a chair and then get that movement stopped too early or too late for the "sit" action then it would be nice if I could just adjust the end-point of the walk-direction by clicking-holding-and-moving the character.
Is that possible ? or can I only just delete the full walking direction and start from the starting point hoping my hand will be more precise this time :- )
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