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2015/3/3 23:02:36
The Future of Muvizu revealed! I like Muvizu but it has some issues. I would like a full manual for instance. Going over the tutorials and making notes works too of course, but sometimes I'd like to just look things up.

I am having problems with some of my characters sitting instead of standing as their default pose. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to correct it. I'm reminded again and again of videogames based on the Unreal engine where a character gets stuck or NPCs malfunction. This is annoying but, hey, it's a game!

Muvizu is also, somewhat of a game. I realize that this is a trade-off for ease of use. Having said that, I have inhibitions about trusting it too far. I've limited my clips to 30sec as the potential for disaster is always there. You don't really know what's going on at any given time, I know it puts quite a load on my computer and it has crashed on occasion and the rendering is best left to Targa frames.

It is an awesome teaching tool for people looking into learning filmaking though, especially camera cuts and movement.
2015/3/3 2:56:47
Character insists on sitting They sit again. Sitting is the default.
2015/3/3 2:36:48
Randomness headache Thanks, I've developed a work-around using another program.
2015/3/3 2:33:54
Character insists on sitting Hi, I've just come back to working with Muvizu, I started the program and it updated itself. I loaded a scene and all seemed fine, I loaded a character and was greeted by this error message "An object's property has been unexpectedly changed and this file will not display correctly" this particular character looked just fine but when I loaded two other characters they were seated!!

To try to remedy this I went to 'Prepare character actions' the initial state was 'Stand'. I tried going to directing and set the first action as 'stand' I got the character to stand, then he sat down again. I tried recreating the character with the 'Beefy' template, but that character is sitting now too! I have another character who's sitting as well, I don't want to use other characters, I've spent hours getting these two to look the way I want. What to do?!
2015/1/27 2:35:05
Randomness headache Now that I've been using Muvizu for a while I can't help but notice the randomness of the characters 'looks' when you load them up. After tweaking my custom characters face texture just the way I want them, the next time I load them up they're different! I realize there is a script running somewhere that 'randomizes' things, is there a (easy) way to turn it off?
2015/1/15 18:33:38
Question About Beefy template Thanks! I get it now. There can be some really convoluted procedures for getting things done in this program! A manual would be great...
2015/1/14 4:13:21
Question About Beefy template I wish I knew too! I see all these textures for these characters, and I can make some myself. But there is no way of activating them!
2015/1/11 19:02:22
Mapping photos to templates Thanks! The zombie is an interesting effect and gives me some ideas as to how to proceed. One thing I'm stuck on is the rest of the heroine template, which doesn't appear to allow custom textures. Also saving custom characters is a bit of a mystery too.
2015/1/11 18:51:31
New User Here I think perhaps you misunderstand the nature of the software. It's not a matter of 'dead' it's a matter of 'done' - as in the developers accomplished what they set out to do, which is re-purpose a video game development tool into something people like me and you can use to create animations.

The technology it uses, The Unreal Engine, is owned by Epic Games and you can get your own license to use it as you wish. I can't imagine it being easy. As far as creating new characters, that would likely involve using heavy duty programs like 3-D studio max, which are extremely difficult to learn, and cumbersome to use without a $500 + video card. I've tried learning 'easier' 3-D programs like Poser, and was lost from the get-go.

I had someone make me a trio of virtual sets in 3-D Max and it cost real money, and they were between jobs and gave me a super good rate. Now they are back working for a video game company making much-much more than I could afford to pay. The sets they made were pretty straightforward BTW with a lot of the objects - garbage cans, cars, dumpsters, hydrants, etc. - obtained for free. I'd hate to see what they would charge to create something like a new character from scratch!

I think the best strategy is to see what you can do with the assets on hand, I have only recently started myself and it will probably take months before I run out of things to learn.
2015/1/9 0:12:38
Mapping photos to templates Thanks for the input Ziggy! Your examples turned out much better than mine BTW. I'm beginning to think the template is distorted. When I created and mirrored objects (L-R) in Coreldraw, the objects differed from the template (!) I gave up on the 'girl' template and I'm trying the 'Heroine' - will report
2015/1/8 5:30:56
Mapping photos to templates I recently downloaded some custom character templates with the goal of creating my own unique characters. For the body parts I imported the template into Coreldraw and made vector shapes, but for the face I used Photoshop to line up a photo of the character over the template. I was careful in doing this, and with the 'fat man' template it worked pretty well, however, when I did the same with the 'girl' template the mouth proved virtually impossible to line up properly. It looks hideous and even when I add lips there is still a gap between the lips and the face, is there a way I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
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