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2014/12/26 14:33:07
Muvizu and Sketchup question - surfaces Sorry if this one is more about Sketchup than Muvizu. I have learned how to create an object in Sketchup, select it, export it to an ASE file (using HardPCM's ZiggyMesh ASE exporter for Sketchup) and import it into Sketchup. I also now know (thanks to the nice people in this forum) how to make it stand-on-able (invisible object with stand on properties set).

However, what do I need to do in Sketchup for the object to have multiple surfaces, so that, when I double-click on it in Muvizu, I get more than one surface to paint a different texture on. The object I am creating is a multi-panelled door and I want each of the 4 panels and the door itself to be capable of having a different texture. I have tried -

1) Creating the door then each panel separately, making each a group and creating one component incorporating all five groups.
2) Doing as above but making each group into a separate component, giving five components.

I select the whole door and export. But, either way, Muvizu seeks the door as having only one single paintable surface rather than five paintable surfaces.

Once again, thanks in advance.
2014/12/23 20:36:44
Muvizu ASE exporter for Sketchup 8 Can someone recommend a good Muvizu ASE exporter for Sketchup 8?
I have only found 2, HSKP2UNR_Muvizu.rb (Version M0.9.3) and $RW3EXWR.rb (Version Version: 0.0.8) both by Raphael Couturier. The first allows imported objects to be stood on but all objects can only have one texture which is zoomed out so lacks any detail (e.g. brickwork is just a blur). The second allows each surface to have a different texture (without the zooming out problem) but the imported object cannot be stood on.
There must be an ASE exporter that allows objects to be stood on AND lets each surface have a different texture, without the zoomed out effect.
2014/12/23 19:28:32
What benefits will I get from buying Muvizu? First, big thanks to the guys who made this wonderful program and the guys who made the video tutorials.
Ok, I've been messing around with Muvizu for a couple of weeks now and I love it, thanks to its ease of use. I use it just for fun (no plans to do anything commercial) but I'd like to produce animations with characters holding objects and I'd like to create my own characters, or at least characters wearing different clothes from the ones offered. Will the paid version let me do these things? Could I, for example, create a character wearing a Jedi cloak and holding a light saber (assuming I know how to create the texture in Blender) or will I be stuck with what's in the program?
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