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2015/1/3 0:21:29
Request - Dialogue blocks Has Muvizu had any sort of formal response to this problem? I get the shush / talk thing, but it would be nice to know for sure if they will keep it this way or perhaps change it....
2015/1/3 0:16:59
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Unfortunately I agree. I was very excited to make animation with this software, but this discovery has left me pretty depressed.
2015/1/2 23:40:59
Request - Dialogue blocks I agree with this post.
2015/1/2 16:14:51
Dialogue - Lipsync to individual mp3 files Ok thank you. This will take some extra planning on my part. Like I said, the tutorial is a bit dated so I was getting confused.

Having to do it this way seems limiting to creativity. I feel like I will be boxed into my preset dialogue and unable to make changes to the animation later on, as it will disrupt the dialogue. Sounds like the timing would be easy to screw up and frustrating to fix. Hopefully it is not as difficult as it seems.
2015/1/1 21:32:34
Dialogue - Lipsync to individual mp3 files I am trying to get 2 characters to have a simple conversation. For example, I want Rory to say "Hello, how are you" by using a stand alone mp3 file. Then Charles responds "Very good thank you" with a different mp3 file. Then Rory says, "Glad to hear it." with yet another different mp3 file.

Rory: HelloHowAreYou.mp3

Charles: VeryGoodThankYou.mp3

Rory: GladToHearIt.mp3

What is the easiest way to assign my characters to lipsync to an individual mp3 file? I am having extreme difficulty getting characters to stick with a particular file, and the dialogue tutorial is out of date. I do not need to use the shush / talk effect, I just want the character to lipsync their assigned mp3 file.
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