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2012/5/10 22:11:18
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Hi Ziggy72

Yeah, you should download this one. We were still polishing and bug-fixing right up until 24 hours ago.

2012/3/14 10:02:16
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Hi Dylly

In the next release of Muvizu you'll be able to spawn little objects that represent a cubic foot and cubic metre.

On the Maya front, if you go to

WINDOW - Settings/Preferences - Preferences

Look for the category heading, "Settings" in the left hand panel and make sure Maya is set to Centimeter.

This means you can read Maya units as Muvizu units. So 1 maya unit = 1 Muvizu unit. Keep in mind that our base characters are about 88 units tall and scale things accordingly. Oh, and seats are usually about 19 units high too.

2012/3/13 14:27:44
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Hello Dylly

Scale is a difficult question to answer because we don't work in real world units. We have our 3D model pipeline set up to use "Unreal units" as required by users of the Unreal engine.

The first thing is that Epic Games, who make Unreal, are based in the U.S.A. so they want an imperial system. The second complication is that they've split a foot into 16 (not 12) divisions. In other words 16 unreal units = 1 foot. Our Male character is 88 units high, making him roughly 5 foot, 6 inches.

So we've got an internal system that starts in Maya, goes through Unreal and ends up in Muvizu such that all objects (and physics calculations) are based on 16 units to the foot.

The trouble you're facing is reconciling Sketchup's scale to match our Maya-Unreal scale. To be honest I'm not familiar enough with the former's units to advise you.

However, I will make some helper objects and have them available for the next release...which is soon.

PS - Game engine graphics are usually bigger than real life. This is to minimise troublesome collision problems when chunky humans try to walk through regular doors.
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2012/3/5 9:37:35
Character circles after movement Hi

One question...

Did this circling effect appear after you drew a tight and winding path in front of the character? If so I think our own internal team spotted that a while ago. I'll check to see if the bug's been fixed in-house.

2012/2/21 15:35:48
Major Problem !! cant work it out Hi Skylike

It sounds like you're doing everything right. Can you tell me what software you're using to get the screen capture please? Do you know what codec your AVI is?

2011/9/27 10:46:45
On the News These are brilliant, Dreeko. So well written.

2011/9/14 16:37:29
Remove Lips Hi jonlake

Toonarama's correct. In the Video Tutorial I explain that the first, best thing to do is make the character naked. You do this by going to each clothing category and selecting 'None.'

Well, the lips are another clothing category so simple go to Face - Lips - NONE to remove their colour. The texture map will now shine through

2011/9/12 12:06:04
What About the others MAPS ? Hi Paul

The skirt's already set up so that you can upload a texture to it. That's why it wasn't included.

2011/9/10 22:20:10
sketchup models/colour I'll grab a copy of Sketchup and see how to go about getting a model from there into Muvizu. An updated video tutorial will follow, but it may take me a while...I've never used Sketchup before.

We've got a FBX pipeline in-house. maybe it's time to think about converting our import tools to look for FBX instead. I'll ask our Dev chaps. No promises, mind.

2011/9/10 0:09:35
Sorting out my skin Hi hugmyster

Aye, the trick is to use Layers in your painting program to paint underneath the grid. When you want to save your texture you simply hide the layer with the grid and export.

Freakmoomin's link will explain all

2011/9/10 0:05:21
sketchup models/colour It's hard to diagnose the problem from the screenshot. There are lots of non-colour reasons why two apparently similar pieces of geometry may look different. It could be one, some or none of these reasons. Jargon alert...

If an object has weird normal angles then it can render funny

You'll notice that a pure red box is different to a pure red character. This is because our characters have a translucent quality and it means that the
R colour can be affected by light passing through them

Ambient occlusion
An object with AO willbe darker than the colour you set

Unreal and textures
The unreal engine displays colours and textures differently. Even though the colour ( as defined mathematically by a RGB number) is the same as a texture it will look different. Don't ask...I've no idea why.

Hope this helps or bamboozles at the very least

2011/9/9 23:57:08
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Hello Dylly

I'm not really familiar with Sketchup but you may want to look at a free app called xNormal. It's a texture baking program that, i think, uses the standard OBJ format.

2011/9/9 10:10:06
How to change body type?? Hello

Welcome to the forums (or 'fora' I suppose)

There's not much scope to alter the body shape of the character but you can create a Fat Man character from the Create Character box. If you did this then you could also upload a specially painted skin texture with folds and creases on it. This may complete the illusion of a portly gent.

Custom skin painting is probably not a beginner's thing. However, if you've a fair degree of computer-painting experience then you should have a look at this:

Good luck

2011/9/7 12:11:35
Character Texture maps Hello

The teeth-colouring problems have been fixed in the latest Release. Full details can be found here:

2011/9/7 12:10:22
Teeth fixed Hello

Muvizu's latest Release fixes the well-documented bug about coloured teeth.

Since you've been able to paint your own custom skin on a character there has been this little bug whereby the character's teeth would get coloured. This has now been fixed. Yay!

But, do do this I've had to slightly alter some of the UV templates.

So the old templates are out of date and you should get the new ones. I'm afraid that it also means your old textures (on a few characters) may appear slightly out, especially round the lips and teeth. I've tried to minimise this as much as I could. The second reason for getting the latest UV templates is that they've all been labelled as per Dreeko's suggestion.

The new templates are here:

2011/9/7 10:42:04
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) mysto wrote:
I according to the tutorial about cue points you're supposed to be able to "right click" on a cue point to edit it. Well, when I tried doing this the edit window didn't pop up. I tried various things to get the edit cue point window to pop up and couldn't get it. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Hello Mysto

Yes, it's a bug we know about. I recorded the video tutorial a couple of days before Muvizu was released. Somehow in the official version this feature has been switched off but we'll get it fixed - promise. It was an accidental casualty in the mad scramble to get the Release ready for publication.

2011/8/29 14:24:00
Teeth Hello Dylly

It IS the right way to go about things. But, I'm afraid the teeth-colouring portion of our custom texture tool is buggy. There's a fix coming out with the next release where you'll be able to see where the teeth lie on a template. This will let you paint a gap-tooth effect much more easily

Sorry - my fault - I'm the person responsible for making this bug.

2011/8/26 17:11:40
Newbie.... ...and Emily's working on a Evil Laboratory set that will include a ACME Death Ray laser device.
2011/8/19 16:27:20
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ Hello

Muvizu will be released again soon. The biggest, most obvious change will be the overhauled user-interface. It looks and behaves a little differently than before, and it means I'll have to redo all the Video Tutorials.

So, before I start making new tutorials I'd like to hear your requests. Alongside the usual mix of tutorials what would you like explained in more depth? What did we miss out the last time? How can we make them better?

And no, before you ask, I can't speak with anything other than a Scottish accent.

2011/7/24 21:48:37
Imported object collision Dreekoid

Every object must have collision -

- but it doesn't have to be all-encompassing. Make a collision volume for the wheels and seats only. Your fire engine will spawn without any problems and there shouldn't be any collision getting in the way of the cab.

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