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2015/1/8 1:42:44
My first clip with Muvizu It's pretty lame but it's mine! Fixed the buzz in my audio so the next one will be better sound wise.

2015/1/2 19:12:16
Time Line Hi all,

I had a long audio clip that i decided not to use but when I deleted it, the time line has stayed a mile long. Is there any way to remove that "extra" time line? I know I can just select the end time when I make the video, but being a little oc, it's driving me crazy knowing that it's there.

2015/1/2 4:56:02
Unable to replay movements I had/have the same issue. Win 7 32 bit. I manually changed to dx 11 before I used the program but it crashed every time I tried to add animation. So after trying everything I could think of', I reverted back to dx 9 and found the movement bug. A little more fussing and I found, for me anyway that even though the animations didn't play in the editor they did play when I created a the video and played it through Windows media player. What really freaked me out was my simple video of 45 seconds in length exported to a .avi video of 1.6 gb. That seems in sane, how would you ever send that to YouTube or anywhere else online?
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