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2017/4/25 6:48:57
New sets Stuff like this makes me think about all the time, money, effort and creativity people have put into this program over the years. I hope Muvizu can continue somehow. It would be such a shame for all of this to just vanish away!
2017/4/23 9:11:28
Digimania has gone into administration Jeez, first Xtranormal goes under, now this. It seems like every time I get really into an animation program and invest a lot of time and effort (and some cash) into it, the company goes under. I'm starting to feel like the kiss of death!

That's (mostly) a joke and I don't really mean to make this all about me. I feel bad for all of the employees who lost their jobs so suddenly, and I hope they can get good new jobs soon. I also hope this program can be salvaged somehow. If it goes away, there's really nothing like it to take its place.
2016/12/29 4:00:04
Character sets old and new These really are just amazing. With a little tweaking I can see that Chewbacca head making a great werewolf head!
2016/12/18 8:56:50
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Thanks so much for the info, PatMarrNC! So, to be clear, NONE of these characters have texture maps available anywhere, right?
2016/12/18 5:40:47
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs I haven't bought the Asian & South Asian character packs yet, and I'm wondering how customizable they are. I know they come with only a few outfits, hairstyles, etc, but can you change the colors of the clothes/hair/etc., or remove aspects of the outfits like the scarves? And can you change the chins, noses, etc., like you can in the other character packs? Can you add custom textures to the characters, so that (for example) clothes could have another pattern or color? I'm very curious about the characters, but I don't really want to spend $16 just to see what they can do.
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2016/12/10 3:26:41
Long Dresses, No Slit Amazing work.

With the dresses, would it eliminate the legs poking through if the skirts tapered out more? So the attachment at the waist would still be in the same place but the skirt itself would be puffing out as it went down, like there's a hoop-skirt or petticoats. I can also see a skirt like that being useful for wedding dresses, queens and other fancy lady types.
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2016/12/9 9:16:15
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Clayster, I didn't recognize you because of your new icon (I guess I scanned right by your name) and thought this city was created by somebody else! It looks amazing.
2016/12/6 21:18:48
Long Dresses, No Slit Could you post the two gentlemen in the store? Those seem like they would work fine. And as for the dresses, what about posting those with a note across the pic that says STANDING CHARACTERS ONLY: SKIRT IS STIFF AND HAS CLIPPING ISSUES. It'd be a shame to just send those off to oblivion.
2016/12/6 8:50:53
Long Dresses, No Slit Those look great, PMC! Maybe post 'em here for free for a day or so, then put 'em in the store. Much as we all love free stuff, these are work to create.
2016/12/4 13:25:12
Will the Dell i7559-763BLK work well for Muvizu? No, that makes sense to me. I've dithered over getting a new laptop endlessly and I've never seen the 763BLK for sale at such a low price. Unless somebody convinces me the Dell with the I7 is better I think I'll finally just take the plunge with the 763BLK!
2016/12/4 12:58:39
Will the Dell i7559-763BLK work well for Muvizu? I currently have a Lenovo g510. Just checked, and I have an I5-4200M @ 2.5 GHZ, 8 GB memory installed, integrated chip. I looked at a comparison of the 4200M and the 6300HQ, and they rank the 4200M as better! According to the Lenovo specs on this listing on Amazon, my current laptop sounds like it'd be just as good or better for Muvizu than the Dell. But this thing has been a clunker from day one, I hate it. It's only two years old and it acts like it's from 2003, with keys falling off or just failing to respond, a failing power supply, lots of slowdowns, freezing up, etc. I really, really want to replace it, but just looking at the specs of the Dell vs the Lenovo it almost looks like the Dell might be a downgrade!
2016/12/4 11:05:48
Will the Dell i7559-763BLK work well for Muvizu? I need a new laptop, and I want one that can really handle Muvizu well. I got my current Lenovo a couple of years ago, specifically looking for a good Muvizu machine, and it's never been up to the job. I want a machine that will give me a smooth animation experience, and also hopefully be good for video editing.

I'm looking at the Dell i7559-763BLK, which is currently for sale on Amazon. Here's the link. I THINK it should be a good machine for the job, but I really don't want a repeat of my Lenovo debacle where everything looked fine on paper and then I got the machine and it wasn't up to the job.

There is also the i7559-2512BLK, available right now for about $150 more. That price would be really high for me, but I might be willing to go for it if the difference in performance would really be worth it. In other words, if the 763BLK will get the job done, I'll take it! But if the 763BLK is going to frustrate me a lot, I'd bite the bullet and go for the 2512BLK.

(To answer some questions before anybody asks 'em: For various reasons I'm determined to get this on Amazon, I don't have the tech knowledge to fiddle around putting my own machine together, and yes I do want a laptop instead of a desktop.)
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2016/11/27 12:55:33
How I make a toon style Army Tank Wow, Clayster! Another impressive piece of work. I've been too lazy/intimidated to try Milkshape, but you do get such good results with it that I may be inspired to give it a go.
2016/11/17 11:40:49
Is it possible to make a game using Muvizu? I know this is probably a long shot, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask...

This weekend the indie game Gone Home was available for free download, and I loved it. (It really is as good as everybody said!) It inspired me to try making my own game, something 3D but relatively simple. I've been working with Muvizu for a while, and a set-up like this is exactly the kind of thing I'd want to use to make a game! Something where there are a whole lot of pre-existing assets but you can also mod things a lot, something with pre-made animations, something where you can design environments by just adding in walls and changing textures. No coding, no futzing around with math!

If a game could be made with Muvizu, somebody probably would've done it by now. But it's such an enticing possibility, I can't help hoping. Failing that, can anybody recommend a nice, simple program for making 3D games? Ideally something where you can sell your finished work, but that's not a deal-breaker.
2016/11/12 9:33:36
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
Someone gave me an idea earlier in this topic for store display widows, can't remember who it was but I consider it the idea and added it to the set

That was me! It's looking amazing. Get well soon, Clayster! I have my own surgery coming up and I'm hoping to spend some of my recuperation time tinkering with Muvizu.
2016/11/11 0:00:54
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store A 3D parking game? Is that really a thing? Having just spent most of an afternoon driving around struggling to find parking in LA, I can't imagine anybody doing that for fun!
2016/11/10 11:17:07
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store That really is such impressive work. Any chance we can get a short clip to see the city in action?

Ikes, I see some similarities in the cities, but they don't look the same to me. If you looked at the cartoon-y cities in a lot of CGI movies and shows, you might see some similarities.
2016/11/6 4:14:06
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store I suspect this set will get used a LOT. If people have the option to use a low-poly city set that looks this good, I think they'll jump on it. Maybe you could "re-skin" it for later releases, and make a futuristic city or a bombed-out city or whatever.
2016/11/5 9:02:51
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Clayster, no hype, you are doing such amazing things with Muvizu design I wish the company would just hire you already. I mean, wow! Who knew stuff like this even COULD be done low-poly with Muvizu?

Pardon my ignorance here, but would it be possible to set up the store signs or store windows so we could load in our own flat images? That way the stores could be selling anything, or we could load in images of shattered windows for a skid row/post-apocalypse look.
2016/11/2 8:40:06
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Wow Clayster, those buildings look terrific, especially for low-poly! I'd love to see them in the store.

Do they have the kind of detail where you could enlarge them and use them as actual sets, setting a movie down in the streets? If not, maybe that's something to consider, adding some ground-level details like building entrances and streetlights. It'd be so great to have a whole city set that didn't slow your system to a crawl.
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