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2015/11/9 16:50:49
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Can you send me the set files that won't load for you? All the ones I've tried here work.

Also, I think Ziggy is right. If you've a deadline just go back to v1.5 to finish your project.
2015/11/9 16:46:54
07-11-2015 release Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
Bug - when you press play (or Space) the timeline continues on playing from where you last played from, not from where the edit point actually is, which makes it kind of unusable for the moment, I'd say. Actually, just noticed, only does this if you use the keyboard shortcuts (as I do) and doesn't effect using the mouse controls.

Could you demo this? A short screen capture to show what you mean?

ziggy72 wrote:

All Character Actions, Eyes Look At, and Eye Size tracks have disappeared from sets when loaded into v1.6.

Marker jump keys no longer go to the markers, but just jump a few ticks ahead.

Could you send me the set files with this issue?
2015/11/9 16:44:44
Key framing expansion pack available now! Danimal wrote:
There seems to be something wrong with the installer for the 32-bit version of this new update. When installing, it gets to the Heroes & Villains Lairs and just sits there. Nothing else ever happens. When I try to uninstall, nothing else ever happens. Previous versions are working.

Downloading the 64 bit version now to see if that will actually install?

edit: Just wanted to add that was with downloading and trying three separate times and restarting my computer in between each.
edited by Danimal on 09/11/2015

Can you try again Danimal? There was a caching issue around that time. Download again, install again...
2015/11/5 15:26:00
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ukBerty wrote:
Back to layers.....

I would like a tickbox on the render screen to "Render all layers as one".


So DOF does not work with layers anymore - that's fine. It's you're using layers then do DOF in your compositor.
But sometimes to speed things up it would be preferable to use Muvizu's DOF.
But if you have everything separated into layers for other, more complex, shots then unless you move everything back to a single layer (see earlier posts) the DOF will still screw the shot up.
You could switch back to AVI files, but only if you're beneath the 2GB limit.

The solution would be to have a simple "Render all layers as single layer" option when rendering to flatten everything and prevent a load of unnecessary work.

Is this the same issue that Ziggy was having or a separate issue with DoF?

Ziggy's issue was fixed by going to version 353 of the NVidia drivers.
2015/11/5 15:25:08
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
Wasn't there always going to be some kind of 'flat' render option? If not, I'm with ukBerty - we don't need all the layers all the time...

Another thing that would make the whole rendering processing a bit easier is to have a drop down box (on the Make Video window, next to Layers maybe) to select which camera to use, rather than having to go back to Prepare Camera Cuts. I think we need this since we have so many cameras to work with (potentially).
edited by ziggy72 on 26/10/2015

This should be coming in the next update.
2015/11/5 15:24:40
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
MP3's only import for the first 8 or so seconds, then cut off. WAV files aren't being recognised that previous versions recognised. Converting the WAV files to PCM 16bit Mono works, so maybe Muvizu doesn't like stereo any more.

I've got a bug in for this now. I don't know what is causing it though.
2015/10/20 11:38:23
Importing Audio files Send me the mp3 file at support@digimania.com and I'll have a look and see what I can do Zita.
2015/10/14 15:29:32
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
I'm getting a flashing black and white bar across the top of my TGA frames when DoF is on. You can't see it on the preview window or the camera windows, only on the rendered output. Moving or static camera, same result.

Ziggy, can you make a simple set to reproduce this? Does it only happen on this set? If it happens on your simple scene can you email me the .SET file?
2015/10/14 10:12:36
01/10/2105 Release Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
How about a pop up that asks the user which layer they want it on when grouping or ungrouping?

It's an option, usually it's best to avoid interrupting a users work flow in the best practice UI design so there might be a better solution. Imagine if you kept making a mistake in the group selection and ever time you ungroup you need to select a layer?
2015/10/14 10:04:58
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
I'm getting a flashing black and white bar across the top of my TGA frames when DoF is on. You can't see it on the preview window or the camera windows, only on the rendered output.

I've put a bug in the system for a dev to look at, I'm not sure if we can do anything about this though (could be wrong here!) as the way effects are applied in the game engine make it difficult to change them.

If you are using TGA frames, I'd go for exporting a depth pass and doing DoF post process in your video editor.
2015/10/14 10:02:50
01/10/2105 Release Feedback ukBerty wrote:
Grouped objects still not appearing on layers window.

We're looking in to this one. There's a larger consideration to get groups on the render layers window. Part of it is the technical side of how we actually manage the data in the backend but generally it comes down to a few questions:

a) What if objects that are split over different layers are grouped together?
b) If you ungroup where do all those objects go? (background layer, layer they were on?)
c) What if you only want to remove one object from a group?

We've some advancements to the grouping system as a whole that might solve this problem. No guarantees though
2015/10/13 10:44:00
01/10/2105 Release Feedback I've added a bug and improvement request for these things.
2015/10/12 9:56:13
Depth of field and layers Nice post ukBerty, if you have time - could you add it to the wiki?

Here's a tutorial on setting up Muvizu to output your Depth and Shadow passes:

2015/10/6 18:48:22
How do I... Use Render Layers? For anyone not sure how to use the Render Layers feature of Muvizu:Play+, here is a tutorial video to take you through the UI, the types of output and how you can use them.

2015/10/5 13:49:25
How do I load chemistry set? We've done a database update so try activating your chemistry licence again now and it'll work this time.
2015/10/4 13:01:12
How do I load chemistry set? We're looking into this, I've got your support tickets and we'll get this fixed asap.

If you have this problem and haven't sent in a support ticket, please do so - it'll help me track who has the problem and make sure I get back to you with the fix.

Just send an email to support@digimania.com
2015/10/4 12:58:42
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ fazz68 wrote:
yep the movement bug has gone. so this is a new update but im not getting the update message after updating the update for todays update which fixes yesterdays update....

We released an update on Friday to fix the movement issue as Fazz points out. So the latest version is:

MZASS - v 1.5 - build - 2015.10.01.01.R

Release details are available here: http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/50

joeactor wrote:

I manually downloaded the latest version, then installed it.
Seems like it is happy now...

Version: MZASS-v1.5 - build 2015.10.01.01R (64-bit)

If you are having trouble updating to the latest version, joeactor's advice is gold. Just uninstall, do a restart (always useful when uninstalling/installing software) then make sure you go to Program Files and delete the Muvizu:Play folder, if it still exists. Finally download and install the latest version.

If you do still have problems, drop me an email at support@digimania.com
2015/10/1 11:58:18
Character movement not working after todays update clayster2012 wrote:
Hello is anyone els having trouble with the character movement, I got and update today and now I cant get my characters to move, please help Im just about done with my new video!

Thanks for pointing this out Clayster. We're working on a fix for this.
2015/9/29 10:45:53
did you know..... bloomin flies everywhere!
edited by Jamie on 29/09/2015
2015/9/22 15:49:12
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty wrote:
I think a better improvement would be to have a tick box to say "Render layers in full" - then render all selected layers as if you were rendering one by one ??

I spoke to CrazyDave and he say's he can make this happen - should it be per layer or just a global option?
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