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2010/7/5 10:48:37
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! Thanks to paulparker for this contribution:

2010/7/1 11:13:57
Error message No problem - I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with Muvizu

2010/7/1 10:52:35
Error message Hi Paul,

Welcome to Muvizu!

If you move your position using the mouse or the arrow keys, you should be able to create an object.
You are probably just too close to the ground or to other objects.
Good luck with your animation, and let us know if you have any other problems.


2010/6/25 15:28:51
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! After the launch on Monday, we are going to be making some tips and tricks videos.

They are intended to be like the tutorial videos, but more specific to advanced features, or showing you how to use 3rd party software to get the most out of Muvizu.

What would you like to see?

We can't guarantee anything, but we can try our best.

Post your requests here!

Or - if you are feeling rather flashy and you want to show off what you can make and how you made it, please do so!

2010/2/8 17:04:26
Geraldo and the Evil PART TWO What do you think will happen next?

Will the evil alien monkeys get Geraldo?
2010/1/8 16:05:30
Resources Here are some links to resources that you might want to use in your Muvziu videos.

Public Domain Assets:

NB: You may need to check the individual license for each asset to ensure that it's 100% public domain.


If you find any useful links, share them with a link in a reply to this post.
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2009/11/12 10:15:01
The Red Guy

I don't remember hearing his name, does anyone else?

2009/11/12 10:13:58
Who's in control

I think what he's talking about is the relationship between the characters?
Like - does Geraldo actually want to escape, or does he enjoy being a prisoner?
Maybe he has Münchausen syndrome and is secretly in love with the red guy...

2009/11/12 10:09:09
When's the next one coming??

Yeah I hope there's a new one soon!
My personal fav is 'Geraldo visits mother' - it's just brilliant!

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