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2015/3/15 15:54:03
Closed eyes Hi!
I need to create a character who sleeps but with eyes closed, I could not find them, does anyone know how can do that?
2015/3/2 20:04:47
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Hi! I am happy with this update, because there are a bug fixes, but honestly, this does not seem like much, or at least not that what I think most of us expected, I do not know the other user here what they expected, but certainly not only the possibility to keep an handy or a new character, I personally was expecting something more serious, like, import other file types not only FBX or ASE, more functions in the management of characters and objects. Also very useful to be able to import other characters and animated objects created for example with Blender or other software. The collision system which as already said is too wide. I put a plant near the wall of an house, now I tried to enlarge the plant and the collision of the plant moved the whole house !! I hope in a better future for Muvizu because is a very beautiful software, and it is a pity to leave it so poor of functions ...

PS:Warning this is not a criticism !!!! but only a suggestion for how to make Muvizu most powerful and most sought!!
2015/3/1 12:52:43
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Dreeko wrote:
InsaneHamster wrote:
Yes in deed. Good thing
February is a short month.

Yeah but there are 31 days in March. They never said that it would appear at the beginning of the month!


So it is important for me not to know when the new version is released, (although I can not wait now !!:-)) but to know what are the new features, because I am creating a fairy tale cartoon, but now I stopped it, because I saw that there will be some news, so if you can find out what the new features, I can steer from now for what I can do or not. that's right?
2015/2/14 10:52:33
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Good to hear this! currently Muvizu is not bad, but really missing something that makes it more flexible, I personally would say that the most important functions to be implemented are:
1) the ability to import animated characters and object (not only humans but also animals) created for example with blender or other software
2) add some more function for managing operations in interactions with character object - object character

3) I believe the most important: the type of collision with objects, currently use the system bounding box, to change it to a triangle or nearest possible!

2015/2/1 15:35:28
Character objects Ok! thank you ziggy72

I will look at the tutorial. Cool
2015/2/1 13:28:53
Character objects Hi!

I have seen there are in muvizu a few objects that could be assigned at the character like hats, shoes, bottles and so on, now depends on what you want to create some objects not be in the set, then you should to create them, but I have not seen a tutorial that talks about these things, how create an object to be assigned to a character, what precautions should be taken, very important is the size of these objects, some of you can tell me, please, how do you? I would like to create a video from a fairy tale, but I need some clothes and items for the players who are not on the net.

2015/1/23 17:31:18
animated tree and plants Hi

There are some animated models in muvizu, like crass and some tree, is there the way to make self created tree or plants animated?
2015/1/19 18:18:52
importin fbx files Thank you urbanlamb! is a little of work but could be done, i must export the models in collada format then open it in AC3D, export it as Obj format in milkshape the export from milkshape as ASE. then it work Whaaaaa? ok, there are some question about the muvizu but at time, would be nice if some functions could be implemented from the programmer, if i create any plants and import in muvizu i could not give the sway function.
2015/1/19 13:37:00
importin fbx files Hi!
I have created some tree with forester lite (purchased today) and i have exported the tree as fbx format now i have loaded the model in muvizu
the model show very well but the branches with the leaves is shown not transparent! i see the plane in dark green, now i have played a little around with other programs like milkshape3d, and exported it as ASE, now in muvizu the tree looks ok! now the question because if the model is exported to FBX format the branches and the leaves are not transparent? I have checked the textures of the branch with leaves with photoshop and they are transparent, i don t know, are there some trick that I do not know?
2015/1/13 20:35:07
Create a house Greetings to all the friend of the forum!

I am a new user from this wonderful software i have purchased the play+ version, and i have played a little around,
I have created a house with a door (open) then i have imported in muvuzu, a character scaled it down, and i wanted that the character go in the house but, when they is in the near of the house there is like a wall that dont let go the character through the door, i know there are the bounding boxes, from the whole model, how could i avoid this and make that the character go inside? thank you for any help, or maybe is there a tutorial that show how?
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