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2012/5/3 9:59:41
Dreeko's Tutorials Brilliant - will have to try it out when I get the chance
2012/3/9 15:35:29
My Machine - a music video from the MCS Hi Folks

here's my latest vid from the Musician's Collaboration Studio, but the first I've uploaded properly so it's actually in the Gallery!!! I think I might be getting the hang of this animation lark though control of the camera is still a challenge! Enjoy ... or not, as the case may be

2011/6/27 20:19:25
Cries of the Dead - song video from MCS Danimal wrote:
Very nice - the guitar solo in particular works very well.

Is the the previous version of Muvizu? There's much better shading in this than I've been able to achieve with the new version. If it is the new version: what's you secret?

Thanks a lot ..

I'm using v0.14b - build 2010.11.29.01R .... I don't know if I've used any great secrets in making this. It's just my second vid and I just used standard settings with a bit of green screening for the guitar solo to get the 'big screen' behind the heads of the band

A quick question - is there any way to get a vid to my profile when it's already on YouTube?

Thanks again - Doc
2011/6/27 10:35:39
Cries of the Dead - song video from MCS

Hi all

here's a Sing vid I made for lil' ditty at the Musician's Collaboration Studio. I've combined some live action, Muvizu characters (starts at 1:50 ish) and animation using other 3D software. I'll eventually get the hang of the movements! Enjoy ... or not, as the case may be

Cheers - Doc
2010/12/23 23:02:22
Livin' for the Weekend Here's my first Muvizu project ... a video for my song 'Livin' for the Weekend' ... it can be found at:

i'm sure we've all felt like it at some time or other ... so enjoy - or not as the case may be!
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