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2015/11/9 20:11:46
aaaaaaaaargh! help! I also have the same issue
2015/7/26 20:12:41
imported object floats in the air urbanlamb wrote:
Its up to you if you don't want to add a collision shape however your going to have trouble building sets if you dont put your own boxes on them. Its totally up to you. The knife you saw behaved that way because I put in a collision box in a certain area.

If you leave it to muvizu to calculate the box well your going to run into the trouble you have seen. I have always created my own objects however as I found using objects from places like the warehouse its more work to get it to work then it is to do it from scratch.
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I found some castle parts here but this one can't be relocated after I place it. Do you happen to know why?
2015/7/26 17:39:09
imported object floats in the air urbanlamb wrote:
Its likely the way you have them configured when I open up the castle it says .obj remove the .obj and just put the name of the object and you have not added a collision box.

Since there is also no collision .. muvizu calculated a box which is why its not able to move anywhere so put a collision box in the castle. I have just finished a video and am waiting for upload to be turned on .. on the site.. if they dont turn it on next week i will just upload it directly onto youtube.

however the two problems I see is the lack of a collision box so muvizu has made one and it will always be way too large for the object making it unusable and the .obj in the name is likely affecting it and muvizu is not allowing it to have any properties

On a side note you also have a ton of flipped faces so the top half of the castle is not visible without it being double sided and this causes performance issues and you run outa ram fast as muvizu has throttled ram back .
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If I remove the .obj part from the name the problem stays but if I make a recording of moving the castle and then reset the track then the check box becomes clickable. I think it is less work to do this then create a collision shape. What do you think?

Maybe it is also less work to create an own castle than downloading from the 3d warehouse and adjust the faces and create a collision box...
2015/7/26 12:39:38
imported object floats in the air ziggy72 wrote:
That usually only happens after you've recorded some movement to an object. Assuming you haven't, do it do this with other imported objects, or just this one?

I didn't record any movement. I just started Muvizu with an empty set and did a Create/Import.

It does the same with another imported obj. I've put the FBX files here so you could test them too if you wanted.
I didn't put the texture jpegs in the zip as the bug is there without jpegs too. The starting SKP files are also in the zip.

It doesn't do it with the knife of
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2015/7/26 1:18:44
imported object floats in the air Hi,

I imported an object. When I edit it the "floats in the air" and "keep upright" checkboxes can not be unchecked. Why?
2015/7/23 8:24:37
king's mantle thanks
2015/7/23 1:52:31
king's mantle urbanlamb wrote:
okay soft cloth and those physics is not possible (yet) to turn on this is something they really need to add. After I posted information I thought to myself "i wonder if he knows that there is no soft body physics yet"

anyhow yes this is the problem with assets in muvizu at the moment we are quite restricted to solid mesh.

how does the the super villain have soft clothes?
2015/7/22 19:13:41
king's mantle I made a test mantle in Carrara.

How to make the kings arms not to penetrate the mantle's material ?

How to make the mantle "flowing" like the super villain's cape ?
2015/7/20 23:07:59
king's mantle urbanlamb wrote:
I would like to use Carrara and FBX import. Is that possible?

Yes this is possible if you use play+ you need the correct version of FBX. Technically if you use carrara you just need to get the autodesk converter which is free and bear in mind that since its unreal 3 certain properties may not be supported by muvizu

however you should be able to export with a properly uvmapped object the following layers
diffuse map
normal map
specularity map
opacity map (sort of) it doesn't seem to support a true map but you can use materials and assign opacity properties to an object based on the material layer.
Emmissive is also supported

its FBX 2012 I think .. again I forget this because it was long ago that i looked up that info.
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Why do I need the autodesk converter?
Thanks for the wiki link.
2015/7/20 19:22:50
king's mantle MrDrWho13 wrote:
lkelemen wrote:
Where can I find the cape for the fat man?
Where can I find instructions how to make a cape by myself?


I'm not at a PC with Muvizu at the moment, but I believe there's a cape in the 'neck' section unless that's just for the generic man character.

I'm not sure where you'd start with the designing of a cape, but you will need Google Sketchup 8 and the Muvizu Ziggymesh plugin:

For the designing part you could ask people like Ziggy72, Fazz68, or Rebel to name a few.

I would like to use Carrara and FBX import. Is that possible?
2015/7/13 22:21:45
king's mantle Where can I find the cape for the fat man?
Where can I find instructions how to make a cape by myself?

2015/7/13 9:44:36
king's mantle Hi,

I'd like to make a king character with a mantle from "fat man" but it does not have a mantle. The super villain cape would do it. How do I transfer the cape to "fat man"?

2015/7/12 11:24:43
muvizu over RDP In admin mode it works. Thanks
2015/7/12 7:48:14
muvizu over RDP It is not ambition as I prefer to do stuff from a relaxed position and as my desktop's graphics card is more powerful I want to use my desktop from my laptop via remote desktop.

If I register via RDP I get an error message. Error code: E2. See the linked pic:

Tried it several times.
2015/7/11 23:05:15
muvizu over RDP Hi,

My Muvizu:Play+ is installed on my desktop. When I start Muvizu from my laptop over Microsft's Remote Dedsktop Muvizu starts as the free version i.e. it doesn't recognize that it is a bought version.


Some more details:
When I start it from my laptop via TeamViewer then the paid version starts. I prefer to use MS RD because it uses the laptops screen resolution. TeamViewer uses my desktops screen resolution which is smaller than the laptop's and changing the screen resolution from inside TeamViewer doesn't look nice.

AFAIK MS RDP uses an older OpenGL version. Can that be the cause of the problem?

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