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2009/10/1 12:14:31
Hints and tips for the 3D application

I've just downloaded the Muvizu 3D software, but everytime I try to launch it, I see the title screens (unreal logo etc..) but it seems to crash when it comes to opening the actual programme (it just says - Muvizu (not responding)).Eventually I get the following message:

Device does not support 1x32 FP render target format
Raise Exception () Address = 0x774142eb (filename not found)
CxxThrowException() Address = 0x75c48e89 (filename not found)
Launch()Address = 0x100a1d12 (filename not found)
Address = 0xe875ca4c (filename not found)
I've a laptop running Windows Vista. I installed Muvizu onto my D drive which has 24.1GB of free space. I installed the full version of the software (with driveX). 
Please could you advise me what I've got to do to get it to work?
Many thanks!

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