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2012/4/12 17:45:05
watermark question Great! thanks for that. I'll contact him if I don't hear from him soon

2012/4/12 17:26:45
watermark question I've just had a quick look through the licence and fall under the bracket for education (I'm a teacher) so would I be allowed then to publish without the watermark but credit muvizu either in titles or some other way?

Thanks again

2012/4/12 16:55:46
watermark question Hi Marco the terms link doesn't work.
2012/4/12 16:23:16
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync Thanks for letting me know. thats much appreciated
2012/4/12 16:19:00
watermark question This has probably been asked before, but I was wandering if there was a way to hide the watermark in Muvizu?. I haven't really got a problem with it being there, but for some films I want to sort of mix and match from different sources and if it kept popping in and out of scenes I think it'll cause a distraction and lose the edge of a complete sequenced film.
I'm hoping to use muvizu for my teaching in the future so combining with other footage is really important to me.

Anyway, thought I'd throw the question out there, I've just started having a lot of fun with this software :0)


2012/4/12 16:09:59
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync Thanks for getting back to me. I was only using one character over multiple audio tracks. What i found was that the lip sync only works with the last piece of dialogue recorded. I had 15 tracks set up but in the end I had to rerecord all the seperate pieces onto one track using an audio sequencer and re-record the dialogue in moviestorm using the one track.

i did try and record with 2 characters using multiple tracks (2 tracks for each character) and the same thing happened, lip syncing only worked on the last recorded dialogue for each character.

2012/4/11 21:04:08
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync Hi, I'm having an issue with multiple audio tracks and lipsyncing. It appears that the character is only having the lipsync applied to the last track recorded (or directed) within muvizu. Am I missing something as this is driving me nuts.

2009/12/3 12:02:43
Hints and tips for the 3D application

Hi I to am having the same error message, is there a solution to this problem?

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