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2016/2/18 12:41:38
Shadow sharpness and performance Yes Doctor, The same here, work with those settings set low, get the movement and scene placement done without making the processor work to hard....then flog it like madman when it comes to rendering your film....everything is cooler...and movement of objects easier too
Hope u didnt mind me butting in :0)
2015/8/3 15:53:51
Copying and pasting character movements GREAT! can't wait...and I guess I should learn to use what I've got
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2015/8/3 15:28:09
Copying and pasting character movements Would be great if you did...I just did a demo vid for my band and did a band of dancing skellywags...took forever!!!

PS is there somewhere I can buy different skins and outfits, etc?
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