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2015/3/18 18:06:37
My character wont stand up no matter what I also discovered this new bug last night - if you use Actions on them and they're sitting when doing them, you can't then tell them to stand up after that (unless you delete all the Actions you've previously used on them, which does seem to reset the character's behaviour).
2015/3/17 20:14:16
FBX UDK editor stuff. EEF, I feel your pain. This is why I don't usually use FBX files, and just stick to plain old ASEs out of Sketchup. I can't get on with blender either, because I don't know what it's doing under the wall of text. Unless you really need something to be shiny, I'd just avoid the whole FBX thing altogether. Sorry, that's not helping much I know, but it's what I did to save my sanity, so it might save yours
2015/3/15 22:31:54
Closed eyes If you go to the Direct Head and Eyes bit, there is a tab for Eye Size - this will let you animate their eyelids (using the slider). Remember to turn off Blinking (in the main character properties) or they'll keep doing it.

Also, under Pose (in the Actions list) there are sleeping poses.
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2015/3/15 22:29:34
Muvizu at the Cinema Awesome Thumbs Up
2015/3/15 16:33:03
March 2015 update bugs Every time I try to record movement (on a particular set), I get a 'Muvizu Play has stopped working' Windows message and it crashes to desktop. I can record movement on a new set okay, but not on this loaded one. Anyone else getting crashes on recording movement?

EDIT : May just have been unlucky with this one - tried again last night and was able to record movements okay.
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2015/3/12 20:35:16
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Got the mouth thing - assigned an existing (working) dialogue track to a character, and she didn't do anything. Messed around, and found that as long as you hit Switch To Direct, they will behave as usual - doing it the old way, when you could just assign the track in Prepare mode and that was all, no longer works. Seems like it's not generating the actual Talk/Shush track on the timeline unless you go into Direct mode, for some reason.
2015/3/11 17:11:44
I've been trying something new! They look comfy - nice texturing, Mr D!
2015/3/10 18:37:28
objects to move in a straight line. We all find our own way through the program eventually...it usually involves a lot of swearing, I find Good to hear you found a solution.
2015/3/10 18:30:42
brilliant film Bobbins - lol, not heard that expression in ages Poor Little Frank...
2015/3/9 13:09:24
objects to move in a straight line. I still don't get, Foff47, why using the up arrow key isn't doing it for you - that's how I move stuff in a straight line, always have done. What exactly happens if you have gravity set to zero, locked to the axis, and you press the Up arrow? (Up in this context actually means Forward, since move Up is Q or E in Muvizu).
2015/3/8 14:54:52
objects to move in a straight line. In addition to those two spot-on posts, I'd also recommend recording any movement OFF the set, as in, over in a flat bit of unused floor. That way you don't collide with anything, and get a nice clean take. Then, when you move the object back where you wanted it, you can make the set work around the movement, rather than the other way round.
2015/3/7 17:48:59
How do I fall to knees and STAY there? You can't change the length or duration of animation Actions, no, but you could cut together a static sequence of the guy kneeling, and then pan/zoom on the footage in your video editor instead, to achieve the same effect as doing it inside Muvizu. Use of the 'not breathing' option would be handy here, as he'll stay still and allow you to cut together as many kneeling actions as you like without him moving between frames. That's how I'd do it, anyway
2015/3/7 17:42:56
Version Issue Well, it seems that if a set is created in Play+, then you need Play+ to load it regardless of content. I'll amend my descriptions accordingly in the Assets. Sorry Drewi.

Incidentally Clam, 'import' is to load models, not sets. I take it you meant 'Open', not 'import'.
2015/3/5 21:29:55
Version Issue Could someone, who doesn't have Play+, please try to load the Pink Droid set and verify if it works. I didn't put anything Play+ specific into the set (not that I can see, anyway), so it should work, but I had the same trouble with a classroom set that wouldn't play ball either so it might need some tweaking.
2015/3/5 19:09:35
March 2015 update bugs Keep getting an error on loading (previously okay) sets :

An object's property has been unexpectedly changed and this file will not display properly
Object called NAME MISSING

I think its referring to a backdrop (because I got a similar message which identified Backdrop as the object in a related set). Can't actually find the not-displaying-properly object in question, and everything looks fine in all the sets so far, and it still loads so not a big issue but I thought you'd want to know. Also, the error goes away once the set has been saved with the latest version.
2015/3/4 22:52:00
Coming Soon... Love this update.
2015/3/4 21:39:01
Breathing. I'm on 64 bit, DX11. And I've rendered it out, non breathing, without any problems. You can tell in the Make Video preview window if they're going to stop or not.
2015/3/4 16:50:37
Breathing. There you go

2015/3/3 18:27:34
March 2015 update bugs If you give a character movement tracks, and then resize the character, you get the persistent red dots. Make sure your character is the right size BEFORE you give them movements, and then you should be okay.
2015/3/2 21:40:48
March 2015 update bugs Breathing fixed? BREATHING FIXED!! Well, thanks, but there's no need to go about it... Big Grin

Seriously, thank you for sorting that. You have to give them an action to get them started, even just an idle, but it kicks in after a couple of seconds and they don't breathe again. Wonderful. Robots rejoice! See folks, you only have to request something repeatedly, on every single email you write, for 2 years, and then as if by magic... Big Grin

Mandy! I wondered what happened to the Football Special stuff, nice to get it bundled in, thanks - she's good, if lacking attachment slots. Gotta give the tie and headset to the other characters as well though, be a pity if only the Man character gets it.

EDIT : D'oh! Hadn't noticed the Ear slots have the headset for the other characters.

Good to hear about the movement thing getting fixed - less 'why wont this work?!' posts to answer

The lighting issue I was having - this release has made the DX9 version much worse, and the DX11 version much better. The Shadow Base slider is a brilliant fix, thankyou, as it means you can tweak out the flashing and strobing as you go, which is what you need when you're in a hurry. The DX11 performance also seems to have been kicked back into life, and is more on par with DX9 again, so I I'll just switch to 11 and call it sorted Certainly all works at distance now, thanks again mcmillan-ra! Check out these trees now!!

I haven't had any texture issues on loading these sets. I don't have any particular trick to get Muvizu to remember them on imported objects, it's to do with the way I create them, I think. I import the object to check it works, takes shadows, textures, etc, then tweak it further in Sketchup or whatever, remove the collision, and reimport. I open both property boxes for the new and old imported objects, and drag the textures from the slots on the old object to the same slots on the new object (because it takes too long to go back into Explorer each time, or search down the list, and I can't always remember what texture goes where, so it saves time). For some obscure reason, Muvizu doesn't 'forget' the texture if an object is textured this way - that's my theory anyway

Muvizu HQ, you've made my year already, thank-you all. Toast
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