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2014/1/12 16:03:52
Coming Soon... Good to see you're still going to do that Woz - been watching out for it since... (quick scroll down...) May!
2014/1/8 1:47:12
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
now ziggy can add a guy with a sandwich board "the end of the world is neigh" a suggestion i made awhile back cause i am a bit odd :P

You were saying?... Big Grin
2014/1/6 20:21:07
Christmas Competition winners announced! Well done Artpen and the new Blob parents! Applause
2014/1/3 20:30:14
Sound mixing issues Dylly, are you implying that Taylor Swift is actually male?! I mean she'd have to have a man's name really...OMG she does! Taylor Swift is actually a dumb spammer called Kevin! Quick, spread the word on Twitter or something, a new internet fact has been manufactured! Big Grin
2014/1/2 19:33:42
Charactere Not Moving I've had every problem that Muvizu's ever had, but this one I'm finding hard to replicate. It's nothing to do with the favourites, as far as I can tell, but I've only managed to make it do what you all are describing once in the last week or so. My first thought to get past it was to delete the character's movement (dragged line), and animate a different movement (click to click), and then it was fine - couldn't get the characters to stop moving (as per the bug) after that, even after going back and reanimating the dragged line movement type. I've got to assume you all tried that too, so is this the same bug?
2014/1/2 19:04:48
Sound mixing issues She can't be a spammer surely, I mean she looks so nice and...oh, she's called Kevin. Smart, these spammers Big Grin
2013/12/31 19:22:05
Coming Soon...
2013/12/26 19:03:39
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2013 Definitely the better ending Happy Christmas guys!
2013/12/25 17:32:27
Climb stairs Damn, I didn't know you could do that - thanks Fazz!
2013/12/24 19:26:29
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! When imported as an attachment, the scale is different and it's one sided, which doesn't look so good. Not much you can do about it though, until they give us some options on the object attachments. Different models will give you different results, so worth trying a few until you get one that looks good enough.
2013/12/23 19:07:13
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! ReggieMetalFox, blender can most certainly do that. Learning to do that is the slow bit Personally, I'd recommend using the Sketchup route - tons of models of cameras, of various levels of complexity, free on the Google 3D Warehouse.
ASE Exporter here :
Still requires a bit of learning though...

Or wait and see if someone will make you one, there are some great modelers on this site, I'm sure one will help you out. Come on people, it's Christmas!
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2013/12/22 21:20:48
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Well, since joypad support has only been added quite recently, I think it's fair to say that you've found the first bug - sorry, you don't win a prize or anything Muvizu HQ isn't back in action (officially) until the 6th, so your workaround looks like the best course of action until then.
2013/12/22 20:20:12
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Smartypants (lol) try changing the values for the deadzones to something less subtle - silly numbers, like 10 or something, to see if it makes any difference at all - if huge values don't change anything, it's not the deadzone that's the issue.
2013/12/22 20:17:18
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte Freeman, I have no idea why it would crash out like that. The set does have some imported objects that will slow it down a bit, and the lighting will stress your machine a bit too, so I'd suggest the following to at least try to work out why it's behaving this way :

1. Seems obvious, but check that you have do have the latest version of Muvizu Play. Double check

2. Download Microsoft .NET and reinstall it (as administrator). Lots of Windows updates lately, which already screwed up Media Centre on both my PCs, so God knows what they've done to everything else.

3. Once the Recording Studio set has loaded, delete the stuff you don't need, save it, and reload it. Cuts down on the load on your PC too (I'm guessing it's a laptop?).

Something else occurred to me while typing this - did you download the Lite version of Muvizu, or the Full version? I remember other people having issues when the addon packs (like costumes, lairs, etc) weren't the same version or something along those lines. Personally, I always recommend downloading the Full version since it just causes less problems overall. Yes, it's annoying to have to do it, and takes forever, but so does bug fixing
2013/12/20 2:04:49
Coming Soon... You are a maniac Fazz, and that's why we like you Big Grin Can't wait to see this thing in action!
2013/12/19 15:51:21
Necklaces etc Thought - reclassify the Neck category as a Head option (since it always moves with the head anyway). And move the necklaces and ties to the chest, yes, good idea

Actually, do we even need a neck category?
edited by ziggy72 on 19/12/2013
2013/12/19 15:37:41
Issue with Commercial License Thanks

When I tried to first activate my copy of Play+, I copied the code from the email and nothing happened in the program. I pasted the code into the box - still nothing. No code. After several minutes of head scratching, discovered that I could paste the code into a notepad text file, so copied THAT code and voila - Muvizu could see it, registered okay, all good. I am using (MS Office) Outlook, and it seems it does things to copied text, probably for some subtle privacy protection reason, which screws up the process - whichever email client you're using, trying pasting the code into a text document and copy that one instead (making sure it matches what was sent, and your client hasn't stuck in something extra).

Next culprit could be whichever firewall/AntiVirus combination you're using blocking the code when Muvizu is trying to send it back home. Can't offer much advice there since I don't know what you've got, but worth investigating. Also, if you're not running the PC in admin mode, try running Muvizu 'As Administrator'. Can't hurt

Next step after that is banging your head repeatedly off the computer until your blood destroys it, sorry to say. But hopefully it wont come to that - hope any of this helps.
2013/12/18 20:30:05
Issue with Commercial License It might help if you tell us what the error message actually is, and when you're 'trying to load', do you mean you're getting it when loading Muvizu, or when loading a set within Muvizu, or a model, or what? A little more info might help, is all I'm sayin'
2013/12/18 20:17:57
News Anchors on an Unexpected Adventure! Very, very silly. I liked it Look forward to seeing what you do in the future.
2013/12/17 2:38:25
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! The deadline's noon on Christmas day.
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