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2016/9/22 20:11:50
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries It was a model of a haunted house I got on Sketchup's 3D Warehouse (or whatever they call it this week). 3D models always work better than images when you have to move the camera, I find. Also, I knew I had to set it on fire at the end, so an image just wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well. Avoid using images when possible is my advice - flatness is rarely all that helpful in a 3D environment.
2016/9/22 17:56:27
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? ...aaaaand just when you think Google's moral faggotry can't get any worse with what they're doing to destroy the Youtube community, this happens...

Bad enough that YT are now punishing anyone who expresses an opinion they don't like (by removing the ability to moneytize that video), and trying to phase out subscriptions (so you only see what THEY recommend), but now there's this nonsense...
2016/9/22 16:48:31
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Muvizu defaults to the 'simple' lighting system because it's the least demanding on your system. If anyone thinks it looks okay or can use it to help them then great, but I would strongly recommend against using it ever. Flat lighting is boring and fake. Look around you - the world is full of shadows and highlights. If you're making a Halloween video with flat lighting and no shadows then... well, good luck to you
2016/9/22 13:26:28
TRANSPARENT TEXTURES If the vehicle has windows already, save them from sketchup as a separate file (without the vehicle). When you import the vehicle windows into Muvizu, set the Alpha drop down box to Opacity. Position them into place, and then give them a semi transparent texture (like a PNG file).
2016/9/22 13:23:07
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Speedking5 wrote:
Wow those were all really good I'm definitely going to do one! Ziggy that opening scene with the house looked amazing was that all lighting with muvizu or was it those luts effects that you say you add?

That was made a long time ago, with the beta version of Muvizu (with the old logo) and the standard Muvizu lighting. Muvizu has an amazing lighting system, but by default when you create a new set it goes to the 'simple' version, which looks like crap. Go to your Environmental settings, set it to Custom, turn off the ambient lighting and shadows, set the upper and lower ambient lighting to zero, and THEN begin lighting your set (with the lights set to 'cast individual shadows', not ambient).
2016/9/21 12:41:51
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE tonyob67 wrote:
Did you saw the beautiful statue on the living room table?...Thank you

Yes, yours is the first video to use it, glad you like her - good to see her in action
2016/9/21 12:35:20
Fireflies Ooh nice trick, simple too (as the best tricks are).
2016/9/20 22:59:02
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE So true... and sad Really nice skyline in the first vid, out of the office windows, and nice touch to put the credits on the TV screen. Shame you couldn't polish it a bit more, but hey, life gets in the way!
2016/9/20 14:08:52
Halloween contest...? bigwally wrote:
A Halloween competition would be great. I wouldn't put much faith in Muvizu getting behind almost anything nowadays. You know, I'm the last one to ever say anything negative about Muvizu, but they seem to be too busy other than selling the product.

Yup - for example, the video "Pubblicita Progesso 2 Muvizu" has been the staff pick on the gallery page for 18 MONTHS. No one's made any videos worth a staff pick in over a year? I think not...
2016/9/19 21:32:28
PAT MARR'S CONTEST WINNERS AND REVIEWS Well done everyone who took part, and Pat's done an excellent job of handling the competition and justifying his decisions. Applause
2016/9/18 21:55:49
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 PatMarrNC wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry Pat, but I won't be able to finish my animation before today is out - it'll take a week or so to fix it. It would have been done much quicker if the keyframing worked so I wasn't forced to animate everything in Hitfilm and then try to match that to the Muvizu footage... you know how it is.

I'm disappointed that your video won't make the deadline... but your announcement probably just made the day of all the other contest participants, since your video would almost certainly win.

Thankyou for the vote of confidence Pat I could have entered a half-ass version of it, but it wouldn't do the music justice and would have looked terrible. Coming along though...

You really have to see it moving to get what's going on, but it'll be worth the wait, I promise!
2016/9/18 16:07:40
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Sorry Pat, but I won't be able to finish my animation before today is out - it'll take a week or so to fix it. It would have been done much quicker if the keyframing worked so I wasn't forced to animate everything in Hitfilm and then try to match that to the Muvizu footage... you know how it is.
2016/9/18 15:59:07
Is anyone using muvizu to create explainer videos? I sort of did a few explainer videos for the So You've Been Dumped website, like this one :

2016/9/18 15:26:13
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. I checked all the INI files and couldn't find where Muvizu directs the Edit button to, so... Here are the extracted costume files as TGA files to make it easier to edit.

2016/9/17 17:02:09
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. If you right click on any file in Windows you have the option to 'Open with...' an associated program. Using 'Open with...' and 'Change Default' gets you to the screen where you can pick what program you want to be the default to open that type of file.
2016/9/16 20:17:42
COMBINING TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLBOX... I find that, now I always use image sequences, the standard image viewer in windows isn't enough, so I use Honeyview :


Why? Because you can step through your TGA or PNG frames using whatever keys you want to use, and Honeyview shows transparent areas in the classic checkerboard pattern to let you know it's genuinely transparent, which is very handy to know when using layers. I use my keys to scrub through the shots, even as Muvizu or Hitfilm is generating them, and it automatically loops back to the first frame on each pass. Not so much as tool as a utility, but I thought I'd share my experience with it.

Forgot to mention - it's free! No nag screens! Big Grin

Also, some AV programs give a false positive on the uninstaller - ignore.
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2016/9/16 1:10:43
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 If I was judging, I'd be biased towards Ikes because A. He is Awesome and B. Doris was really good - I can see your trajectory Ikes, and your emerging style, it's very cool. The shot when they pull up to the gas station was so nice, and the whole thing hangs together really well (except the hand clipping when they're too close to each other - sorry, I just hate clipping). I look forward to seeing where the (underage!) girl ends up in all this - by the sounds of it, it's not going to anywhere good...

The rest of the entries are good too, but I had to write about Doris. Getting around characters interacting with and travelling in vehicles is not easy at all, but it works here. Kudos!
2016/9/12 17:08:32
Greek philosophers The Boy character can wear a skirt. Also, you could make a skirt in something like blender or sketchup and add it to the non Boy characters.
2016/9/9 21:16:43
Full video - currently untitled It's a good video, if a bit frenetic at times. Maybe less scenes, and a slightly slower pace (to match the song - currently it seems to be cut to a much faster song!). When you're presenting a collage like this you have to make sure the audience gets the point of each shot before moving on, and I didn't get that from the current edit. Most of it made sense, but not all.
2016/9/8 19:18:15
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Updated version 07-09-2016 :

Home and End keys still jump to the event markers, not the Cue points (please make this optional! Or just put it back the way it was, because the current method is useless)

Really still can't name Cue points? After all this time? There's already a dialogue box, surely a little text field wouldn't be that hard to add?

Random spins with keyframed cameras and objects seems to have finally stopped - good news!

Still can't rotate FBX or ASE objects in one axis when keyframing (right click roll). Bad news. Didn't you say you'd fixed that?

Icons missing on the Content Packs list (even when contents pack are installed).

Ties are still useless when character is walking (flap up at 90 degree angle).

All effects now seem to work on camera in layers.

Snapping turned on disables camera rotation. Might affect other things too, I don't know as I never use snapping.

Loaded a previously made set and one of the characters had their glasses on the wrong way round and something has gone missing...

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