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2013/3/24 16:38:35
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! Answer's here : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic1828-make-video-button-is-greyed-out.aspx

Note to Muvizu HQ - how many more times, do you reckon, will we have to answer this same question before you come up with a way to make the timeline record bars a bit more obvious? Or maybe have a pointer (a nice big arrow) pointing at it with an explanation the first time you run the program? Seriously, this is the most common problem Muvizu has had since it's first existed, and the second most common question (just behind "why can't I hold anything" and just in front of "how do I get rid of the watermark"
2013/3/23 18:32:53
How do I make a person sit down Hi Bimbo13
For movement stuff, watch this :

...and then, when your character is standing in front of the chair, record a 'sit' movement. More on recording movements here :

And no, you can't really make them turn smoothly unless its in a preset amount (as defined by the white Character Movement overlay thing that shows up under them while Directing). Hope that helps.
2013/3/23 14:07:48
Use unreal maps with Muvizu... Try here :

2013/3/22 16:23:01
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? Yup, absolutely stunning what they did with that face - and the video card he's talking about (Titan) only costs about £800...!
2013/3/20 20:34:51
Create random movement Hi Jokerib

No, there's no randomness in Muvizu, all object movements are user controlled. The only random motion is in the Effects - you could use one of the Effects (like smoke, roman candle, etc) and give it a picture of a ball to throw about I suppose...
2013/3/19 21:47:35
I need a mirror please! So it does, and it's using Fazz's suggested method. Never spotted it before - D'oh!
2013/3/19 20:46:00
I need a mirror please! Hang on, Lulu's right, there is no entertainment section is objects - at least, not in this version of Muvizu... Mysto, you do some work for the Zubox folks, yeah? I know they have stuff we don't, so I'm guessing this is one of them?
2013/3/19 19:46:46
I need a mirror please! Didn't know about the mirror in the dressing room stuff - thanks for that Mysto, and Fazz is right about that method. I've used it myself, although the one thing I'd add is that you also have to set the camera properties to 'Flip Horizontal' (I think that's what it's called under the camera effects) to mirror the image correctly.
2013/3/18 16:46:14
ageing woman? Hi Lulu

There is no 'old' woman character, but if you use the woman or fat woman character, give her the 'Head Scarf' hat, make her hair gray, etc, you can get a passable older woman. To go really old, you'll have to create a texture for her face to add the wrinkles and stuff. You can find out how to do that here :


Or, if that's too much for you, you can plead to the forum for a volunteer. I'd do it for you myself, but I'm kinda busy for the next couple of days - if you can hang on, and no one else volunteers, I'll knock something up for you mid week. Hope that helps
2013/3/18 16:36:46
Coming Soon... @ HayManMarc - I'll be in touch...
2013/3/17 16:52:03
Muvizu - Problems Hey ComputerTrophy (do you hunt them then?) there is an answer to your problem. I could put up the link to the answer, but the post is a couple of pages long so I'll just paste in the relevant bit to save you having to read though all of it :

So, you've got your nice HD monitor running at 1920 x 1080 and it looks great, but... the fonts are all but unreadable at that scale. So, you go into the Windows display settings and change the default font size to Medium (or Large I suppose) so that you can read the system prompts in Windows. Muvizu now no longer scales properly - ?!!? Change it back to default and voila - full screen, no problem. I can't even begin to image how they can interact in that way, but at least anyone else with the same issue can do the same thing and fix the problem.

Not sure where they would put the Scaling options in Win8, as I'm using 7, but it'll be somewhere in the Control Panel's Display Settings I'd imagine. Hope that helps.
2013/3/17 16:44:46
Muvizu Play Launch! It was Muvigeddon last night Amazing to meet these people who have only been names and avatars up till now - brilliant fun, although I'm still can't believe that I couldn't manage to find a simple folder on my netbook to do my presentation...I put in on there myself, how could I not find it?! Like I wasn't nervous enough already... EEK!

Still, struggled through, thank you all for the kind feedback.

And everyone, just continue on doing whatever you're doing with Muvizu - the new version adds stuff, but takes nothing away, so don't worry.*

* Unless you're about to do a whole series of 'Yo Mama So Fat' jokes, in which case hold on until the new Rosie character arrives Big Grin
2013/3/15 22:07:18
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? Try this topic here


Hope that helps.
2013/3/11 19:11:02
Coming Soon... Ehh... I think some of you may be getting the wrong idea about my use of the word 'nasty'. In the context of this video, it means torture, brutality, and murder. This is that kind of 'nasty'. Just so you know
2013/3/10 22:56:44
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
lol I like the long shot just so we see enough skin but not enough to have to blur it ^^ very strategic shot I say.

Big Grin

Well spotted Urban

Here, have another (non censored) one!

Incidentally, the car is just a dummy - not the final thing yet. Yet more work to do there. I've got dozens of screen grabs of all of the sets I'm building for this project, showing all the stages of construction. I'll have to post them up, maybe in a blog or something. Might be useful to somebody
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2013/3/10 20:55:45
Coming Soon... Another test still from Sammamish - this is where things get...nasty.

2013/3/8 19:57:32
Max size for import? 30 metres (3000 cm, 1180 inches, or 98 feet) on the longest axis. I know this from long and tedious experience In order to import a model this size, I'd recommend you use my Model Test set here :


Hope that helps.
2013/3/6 19:12:45
Iron Man 3 Great music too - low fi everything works so well in this
2013/3/6 1:41:33
Error on Start up Hi epzp. Sounds like an installer/downloader problem (usually is when you get this kind of error). Try the options on this post and see if that helps :

2013/2/27 18:14:55
Batman _Fear of the Bat Oh, that looks real atmospheric - looking forward to it Is that Commissioner Gordon at his desk? Nice Batmobile too!
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