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2013/2/23 16:51:13
Where can i get all custom textures There's also another good set of them here


They're not listed anywhere else, unfortunately, or on the gallery. Hope that helps.
2013/2/18 21:57:44
Cat??? Those cats I made are just the boy character with a facemask on, so you can't animate the face at all (there are no cats in Muvizu). Currently, all Muvizu characters have to walk on two legs. Hopefully the good folks at Muvizu HQ will one day give us a proper cat character to match the existing dog one.
2013/2/18 21:50:35
how to get them to sleep There is a set of Actions for the characters under Themes>Pose which includes a sleeping pose, among other handy ones. Hope that helps.
2013/2/18 21:46:23
Harlem shake ghost house edition Thumbs Up
2013/2/14 19:37:54
To the community at large It might be simplistic, but my requirements would be this :

No watermark.

Clear fixed 'cut' percentage to give to Muvizu on money generated (because there's no watermark), or a higher one-off payment which entitles you to sell your creations without any further Muvizu involvement.

Everything else is secondary, really. Be nice to have higher resolutions, extra bits (like what Zubox obviously has), and the like, but the watermark/cut thing is the bit that myself (and I imagine most people) care about.

Thing is, how do you decide how much money has been made by a particular clip? No idea. Does Youtube or Vimeo give you this kind of information? Does it apply to each clip, or the whole channel? Is that for the UK only or overseas too? It's a minefield of complications as soon as you bring third parties into it. If you could buy a watermark free/fixed price version, those complications pretty much disappear (hopefully!). Just my tuppence
2013/2/11 2:21:06
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files Not sure if "made me listen to it" sounds right - I was willing to help, honest!

If you want to get into blender this is a good overview of what you'll need to know to get stuff into Muvizu. I think Urban did a good job on this - if you don't believe me, try doing a tutorial, it's hard. I've been delaying doing a character texturing one for ages because I know it'll take a lot of work to make it helpful and simple enough for everyone to understand.
2013/2/10 19:47:07
Birthday Videos Who needs birthday cards when you can have a birthday movie?! Nice work Woz
2013/2/8 20:53:35
mp3 compression Muvizu always does this to sound - in the Options menu, lower the overall volume to about 75% or less and it should stop the clipping. Or use a video editor to sync your original source mp3 to the footage.
2013/2/8 20:51:45
How do I edit camera movements? Hi moviezoo (sure I've heard that name somewhere else... )
Unfortunately you can't fine tune your camera movements yet, no, only the position on the Timeline. Another one for the suggestions mountain, I think.
2013/2/7 0:47:13
Paperman from Pixar Just amazing Applause
2013/2/6 19:11:24
Azureus Rising Wouldn't it have been simpler to just get a bus into the city? Also, don't fancy the council tax in that neighbourhood...
2013/2/4 1:44:41
Random requests! The smoke effect (like pretty much all the effects in Muvizu) uses just one picture and replicates it. My one picture was of a cloud of smoke - it was a .PNG file so that it could be transparent (JPG and similiar file types can't be transparent - don't actually know if TGA files support it, never tried ).
2013/2/3 13:32:59
Random requests! Good one EEF - the scene is the interview room here :

...and because of how close the walls are, I wouldn't be able to use your solution for this set but it's a good idea none the less. I eventually created a very transparent smoke pic (2% opacity) so you can only just see it, making it's speed less noticable.
2013/1/29 19:22:04
Coming Soon... I do wardrobe too?! Damn, didn't think I'd made that many textures... Thanks for the credit, Dylly! So wow, a D & D production - the mind boggles Big Grin
2013/1/27 16:14:35
Videos not clear enough.... AuroraMoon wrote:
I was looking on information on how to fully animate the models.

Which models are you referring to? The character models, or just objects? There's a big difference between the two, y'see...
2013/1/26 21:36:58
Hiya! Hi Aurora Moon, good to have you aboard

My recommendation for you is just watch as many of the tutorial vids as you can before you start. It saves a lot of time later on (and posts!).
2013/1/25 20:50:16
Coming Soon... Now the set's finished.

Just got to build the rest of the prison now... Whaaaaa?

Sammamish - coming this Spring! Well, maybe summer...actually, is a Christmas release better? Big Grin
2013/1/24 0:09:25
Game, SET, and match... :) Good Posting

I don't use other people's sets (I'm very picky ) with the exception of JonBez's excellent Desert set, which I converted into my Western Desert set for A Fistful Of Coders. Actually all JonBez sets are pretty damn good. And Matt's. And Emily's. And Urbanlamb's, and Dreeko and Mysto and the list goes on!

My own favourites of my creations are the Back Alley (RR) set and the Recording Studio (TT), which both have lighting I like. I realise now that I have a few more sets I've never bothered to put up, so I'll do my best to post them soon. I'm sure someone will find a use for them.

Just remembered - Wabby's Open Office as well. Changed it to a night setting for use in a So You've Been Dumped vid - looked good.
2013/1/21 23:31:12
Random requests! Thanks D - that request may seem quite picky, but it's because I'm working on a set with the characters scaled up as big as they'll go, which makes (for example) the Ground Fog effect into a little patch of fog, so I have to use a lot of them edge-to-edge to achieve the same effect...and it's really quite tricky to do when you can't really see the edge.
2013/1/21 22:19:52
Random requests! Effect extent markers! And by that I mean a radial or box marker on effects which shows the maximum 'reach' of the effect. Although you can change the intensity, you can't change the scale so there's no excuse not to show us where the edges are

I've been trying to line up smoke effects (using a very very transparent png) and can't find a consistant overlap point because I can't really find the absolute edge. I know, I know, I'll have to use a more obvious png until I do find it, but that wastes time and is annoying to have to switch back and forth. Be simpler all round if we can always see where the edges are on every effect we can use, I think.
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