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2012/8/8 19:19:23
Please add a save every 5 minutes or so... EagleII wrote:
Second attempt - stated I forgot items.. not so, -- all it stated wasn't there was checked for export. (g)

I think I recognise this one - exporting anything to an .ase file tends to 'lose' the texture associations, and so Muvizu tells you that there are bits missing. You have to edit the .ase file, and specify the locations of the texture files. If they are in the same folder, then you just need the name - e.g.

*MATERIAL_NAME "Metal_Corrogated_Shiny"
*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "metal_corrogated_shiny.jpg"

The textures must be available to Muvizu as an actual file, because .ase files are just text and contain no texture info except the location. You can specify a full path for the textures
(like "c:\users\my documents\metal_corrogated_shiny.jpg")
but that tends to get messy. Better to just export them from 3D Max as a straight .jpg or .png into the same folder as the .ase file. Hope that helps
2012/8/3 21:28:16
But I do have Shader 3 blickfang wrote:

I think they're waiting for you to tell them what your graphics card is.... the chipset model refers to the motherboard, not the video card. If you don't have a video card (like on a laptop) then sorry, but the G33 only supports up to shader model 2.
2012/8/2 21:22:25
Dreeko's Tutorials Dreeko wrote:
Coming soon

Lighting tutorial part 2!

Aha! The dark! Now you've caught my interest...
2012/8/2 21:20:47
i3 - i5 - i7 ? Hi Not_Coen - you might find this useful :

This should give you a fairly representative idea of the range of machines that we Testers use - really it seems to just come down to overall video card power. Muvizu can only use one core, so that's not really an issue...it's quite light on memory requirements, so again no problem there... Get yourself a high end Nvidia card (the drivers on ATI cards suck) and then add an i3 or (the awesome) i5 with as much clock speed as possible. The i7 has lots of cores, and is very expensive, and is not really necessary (be nice to have though!). Oh, and of course, whatever you do, don't use Vista. It's not that Muvizu doesn't work with it, it's just that Vista is sooooo lame...

Hope that helps
2012/7/31 19:51:08
3D Character import Short answer - no, you can't import any new characters.

Longer answer - you can import external 3D objects, made in other packages (like 3D studio, Sketchup, etc) and animate them up to a point, but the character actions and abilities are not available for use on them, if you see what I mean. There are tutorials in the 'How To' section (under Building Sets) on how to import external 3D objects, so you should check them out first. Hope that helps.
2012/7/31 19:46:29
Talk and Shush wdeprospo wrote:
Why, sometimes when I shush, the characters mouth stays open?

Is there a way yo make a character smile on demand ?

Hi - the shush command will usually make them shut their mouths when you record it, but not necessarily when you're just previewing it. Having said that, you can get wierd results sometimes... Trial and error I'm afraid

Smiling on demand would be a great option to have, but it's not something we really have - you can have their initial mood set to something else, then change it to happy, and that would make them smile. To have a neutral style expression first, use the Guitar Idle pose (while sitting) or the Drum Idle pose (while standing), then change their mood to happy. To change how much they smile (barring the effect of the Expression slider) you have to copy and paste the character until you get the right level of smilyness (I'm not making this up, this is what you have to do to control them). Anyway, hope that helps.
2012/7/30 0:15:51
How long can dialogue be Hi Armyeric - sorry, but 20 minutes is your lot - it's the limit of how long one shot can be in Muvizu. You'll have to split it into smaller bits and join the shots together when you edit it - are you really going to make a movie half an hour long? If not, just cut the audio file down in Audacity first. Hope that helps.
2012/7/27 18:33:04
Need a model or set made? That's so good, I can almost smell it - euuuh! Top job(bie) Dylly!
2012/7/25 21:07:41
Olympic Animation Classic - BBC should've used this for it's trailers!
2012/7/24 22:16:23
2 American voices needed Hi all. I have a script all written, building sets, all that, but now I need people - specifically 2 male voices, mature, one has to sound a bit like Ted Bundy. Because they'll be the voice of Ted Bundy

The movie will be half an hour long, and it is not for kids. Oh no. Read up on Bundy if you don't know who he is. In fact, best if you don't...

No payments possible at this time, although that could be something that happens later on. Aiming to make something that is as good as possible with the resources at hand. I would really prefer to have real US voices, rather than someone imitating them, but if you think you're up for it then please get in touch. You could become (in)famous

2012/7/24 21:36:38
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Thanks for letting me know. Didn't do anything to the video until it finished uploading, and it all went okay, then changed the settings - seems to be the trick
2012/7/24 15:51:56
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Yeah, checked again, still hasn't shown up on Vimeo - it's done this before, where it appears to have done it but it uploads nothing and tells you to wait (indefinitely) until it's posted on the site. I will delete the faulty one, and repost (carefully!)

Also, will resubmit with the application form, so please ditch the previous one and I'll start again. I think it's something to do with changing the settings on the video as it's uploading (my Vimeo account shows I haven't uploaded anything at all this week).
edited by ziggy72 on 24/07/2012
2012/7/23 20:10:08
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Entered a submission - Vimeo is taking forever to show it though, so not sure if it went through okay...
2012/7/19 17:27:21
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) The nose setting seems to keep resetting itself to 1.0 on reloading a set - I think for all 3, but definitely for Sinister.

Correction - EVERYTHING seems to be resetting to 1.0 on lips, brows, eyes, etc, for all 3.
edited by ziggy72 on 19/07/2012
2012/7/19 17:17:24
Male Superhero face textures! Very nice, really good for shadows and the like. Still looks like Beefy though
2012/7/18 19:09:52
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Dreeko wrote:
For gods sake, give the big guy a batman style mask, the wee guys are giving him one hell of a time about it!

Isn't that covered by the Cowl option in the character properties? Also, moving the colours for lips and eyeliner to the overall character properties is proving to be difficult to remember, but we'll get there...

My main problem with the new characters is one of character - as in, making a different one. Beefy will always look like Beefy, no matter what you do with the face options, because they are very limited - we don't have the Mr Potato head options of the other characters. Same for the other two - Sinister's nose, in particular, is limited to Worzel Gummage or nothing, really. I appreciate that they are constructed in a different way (one look at the UV maps confirmed that!!) but could we also have the same face options as the old characters and overlay them on the existing features? Heroine is particularly limited face-wise, I feel, because she can either look like the Heroine character, or something from an inbred Ukranian dating agency (hey, why not date your sister? Saves time looking!).

And what happened to the cheekbone options in the previous test versions? At least that let you change the overall shape of their faces a bit, and it worked really well on Sinister I thought. Also, moving the nose up or down on the face changes the character so much, it really does, and not having that option (at all) is a really limiting factor, I think.

Apart from that, it's pretty good
2012/7/17 22:22:24
Object Creation. Kreator01 wrote:
Ziggy72: Does this only work with Sketchup models? I currently have a Mech Cabin that refuses to stay on the feet It either hovers over the feet or just drops off!! I have applied the matchbox script but it still refuses to allow me to add it

Yup, the ZMB is for .ASE files only.
2012/7/17 20:22:35
Object Creation. Nice tank - artillery next?
2012/7/17 20:02:42
Motion artist Wow, top find Dreeko - simple concept, nicely executed by the looks of it...off to try it now that's it's installed. Will report back
2012/7/17 19:52:19
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this All the best, EEFilmz Pat on the head
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