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2012/5/15 19:09:24
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? maqiqi wrote:
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2012/5/14 22:28:46
Coming Soon... Can't believe there isn't already a 'coming soon' thread on here. Oh well, there is now

Working on my biggest project yet - a 12 minute presentation on the pros and cons of how to recover from being dumped, with my co-collaborator Thea Newcomb. Due for release on the 4th of July, the So You've Been Dumped website's 12th anniversary. Here is a work-in-progress screenshot.

A word of advice - never try to put over 130 Muvizu characters into one place and then try to make them all look at the same point Brick Wall You will lose your mind.

Also working with a writer friend of mine on a short story about serial killers (as you do). Fun summer ahead!
2012/5/11 22:45:34
Random requests! Ha! Forgotten about that little vid, good one! Yes, eye brows just like that would be awesome.
2012/5/11 20:53:13
Random requests! Eye lashes! You can have the Eyes With Lashes, but not Round Eyes with lashes, or Droopy Eyes, etc. Having lashes as a distinct eye object would give us some more looks to play with. As would animatible brows. And forehead wrinkles/folds. And acne...
2012/5/11 20:37:31
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) mcmillan-ra wrote:
Ziggy, it should fix your copy and paste problem. So definitely worth doing.

That it did - Thankyou!
2012/5/10 19:29:33
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Question - I downloaded the last update (3) a few days ago - is this version the same, or do us testers have to download this one too, to be completely up to date?
2012/5/10 0:02:25
Unreal engine 2012 video Dreeko wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
<sigh> depressed now. We've got sooooooo far to go...

How very scottish of you Zig. The future's bright! eat an orange!

Deep fried orange? Now that would be very Scottish of me! Big Grin
2012/5/9 23:31:32
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... EEFilmz wrote:
Oh? so I should uninstall k-lite 64 bit first? then install 32, then 64?...EEF

Uninstallation isn't necessary, but you could if you want to be thorough. You just need to have both sets in place before you proceed.

Damn Computer..
2012/5/9 19:50:29
Unreal engine 2012 video <sigh> depressed now. We've got sooooooo far to go...
2012/5/8 19:15:00
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... I realised halfway down this conversation that you hadn't installed the 32 bit version of the codec first - that's a problem. The 64 bit codecs sit on top of them, but aren't exclusively the only things the operating system will use. Install k-lite 32 bit, restart PC, install k-lite 64 bit, and you should be up and running. This is what I've done since the 64 bit version of Muvizu came out, and I've had very little problems (expect the 2gb limit on export size, but that's a different thread )
2012/5/6 18:38:53
Muvizu withdrawals.. 5 movies pending, one in production. Actually, make that 2 in production. Actually, make that 3 because I'm collaborating with another Muvizuer on something else as well... but you're right skylike, it just becomes an almost automatic thing to just go on to the next project without stopping. Long may it continue!
2012/5/6 18:32:45
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Previously Adobe Premiere, but now Vegas Pro as well. Also EEFilmz, remember that most codecs are not lossless, you need to use something like YUV to remove any compression from your output and maintain quality. Just better make sure you've got a few hundred gig of hard space lying around...
2012/5/2 16:11:38
Dreeko's Tutorials Ooh, that's proper dark that is! Very nice, especially the projected text on the car, very effective.
2012/4/23 20:00:12
New Glasses I expected the distinctly purple looking anti-glare filter to effect things too, but you just don't see it. I guess you see past it, or it's at such a low level you can't consciously see it. Either way, no bad thing.
2012/4/23 19:52:18
Favourite ever cartoon? @ Woztoons - They're still animated - okay, not tecnically a cartoon as such, but... Clangers rule. As does Bagpuss.

@Dreeko - thanks for the mental scarring! So, if you make promises to giant duck-faced goldfish then you'll get a complete makeover and bears will fancy you... Got it! Instructional lot, these Germans Bit Wonky..
2012/4/18 19:16:41
Heads up on Webroot Antivirus issues and Muvizu Good Posting

Also, don't you hate the way Windows 7 assumes even the download itself is dodgy and offers to delete it because "it's not commonly downloaded" - it's a new file, of course it isnt!! I don't know which part of Windows security is responsible for this stupid message, but it must put people off running Muvizu sometimes.

Anyway, my point was - heads up also that Windows can be really thick about things sometimes.
2012/4/16 22:20:23
We've got some new toys. Actually, that looks kinda creepy to me - but in a good way Nice work!
2012/4/14 19:34:35
how can i add an image? Hi jihane - there's a couple of ways to do this - the 'bit complicated' approach, involving importing externally created 3d models, or the 'relatively easy' approach, which doesn't look as good but will work. I would guess you'd like the latter for now

Create your Muvizu table from the Objects

Create a Ground Plane Backdrop

Right click to edit the Ground Plane - Scale it to fit the table, then click on the Image property. In the window that appears, select Import to select your image.

That gets your image on the table (transparent areas of the image will let the table show through if that's what you need). If you need it to be upright instead of flat, Create the Backdrop as anything else except a Ground Plane.

Hope that helps
2012/4/13 23:26:07
Favourite ever cartoon? Quorthon wrote:
I remember another Saturday morning masterpiece - Ulysses31 which was very stylish - and the lead character had a heroic beard! A cute/annoying (they do go together) robot Nono, and a decent spaceship. Never saw the last episode to see how it all turned out though

Having watched Ulysses31 as a kid too, I can tell you it ends happily enough and they do escape Hades and get back to the solar system. Nono remains steadfastly annoying all the way to the end!
2012/4/13 20:08:03
Add Drama! That would freak anybody out - excellent clip Dylly!
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