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2016/8/14 19:39:39
Settled in Tennessee Good to hear your up and running again. I remember the humidity in the southern states - like trying to breathe custard Better get some decent cooling for yer PC!
2016/8/13 2:46:43
texture issues with sketchup ---> muvizu Well, that ain't right. What's with the component thing? Don't use components or groups unless you have to, the model should be exploded as much as possible (in my experience). It may be that you've hidden the textures inside one component, and Muvizu can't see them so you're only getting one texture slot.
2016/8/12 23:22:51
texture issues with sketchup ---> muvizu How many texture slots does it have? Just one, or several?
2016/8/12 23:19:23
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] gimmick wrote:
So, you need to find a rifle model with no holes. Good luck!

Below, this coloured AK seems to be correct but the blue surfaces show the errors. But it's easy to remove the errors by reversing these blue surfaces before to export the model.


Hmm... turns out that model had some more issues too, including the shadows being a bit borked once you brought it into Muvizu. I fixed it.

So, everyone, if you want an AK47 that works single sided, get it here :


It's also a standard low collision model for non character use.

Oops, forgot to mention - All credit for the gun goes to the creator on 3D Warehouse 'BJNinja'. I only tweaked it a bit for Muvizu use.
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2016/8/12 22:31:12
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Nice find gimmick - I don't have many weapon models, not my bag
2016/8/12 20:53:18
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] I've been asking for the same import options the program uses to be applied to character attachments so we can turn on double-sides for... a long while. The only solution is to use a 'closed' model - It must have only one continuous skin covering it, no overlaps or segments with different textures, no intersections. Most models don't do that, which is why we need double sided import options for characters. So, you need to find a rifle model with no holes. Good luck!

As for the poses, you'll have to fake it in your video editor (hold the frame) or use my fake arms to pose them to look like they're aiming. The fake arm approach would probably work best, because it means you're not attaching the rifle to the character, and so you get around the double sided problem.
2016/8/12 20:43:37
This is my Olimpic games video Good vid - I guess the joke was the coach's methods Big Grin Clever use of the hands to hold the camera, hadn't thought of using the arms like that.
2016/8/11 21:49:15
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] No, it doesn't export the colours, just the textures. In Muvizu you can assign the colour for each section yourself anyway.
2016/8/11 19:19:19
Crocodile Stick wings on that thing and there's Dreeko's Dragon finally come to life! Awesome Ikes, awesome.
2016/8/11 19:17:47
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] You usually have to reassign each texture to each slot for most ASEs once you get it into Muvizu. If the textures aren't already stored seperately with the ASE file, I'd recommend you use this little plugin for Sketchup :


It exports all the textures from the Sketchup model to a directory of your choice with one click. Great little thing. And as for the scaling - I use the standard Susan starting figure as my guide. If you scale stuff so that she could feasibly use it, you're in the right area for Muvizu.
2016/8/11 18:55:42
Heaven Bound Test Render Yes the clip shows fine on this page for me - maybe you have browser issues? I use Firefox.
2016/8/11 15:09:00
Heaven Bound Test Render That's kind of epic. I would recommend you redo the first 4 minutes with depth of field to soften that hard horizon, it would look a lot more... y'know, heavenly Also, if you haven't already, I also recommend you download Hitfilm Express and start firing FX at it, it'll look great.
2016/8/11 14:54:26
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Yeah, that should work. Is your toto.bmp at the correct resolution? (512x512, or 256x256, for example?)

Looks like we both posted the same thing at the same time Another way around this problem is to delete the folder references entirely so the textures, toto, and ASE are all in the same folder.

So, in gimmick's example above, for the textures it would read :

*BITMAP "toto.bmp"

*BITMAP "Wood.jpg"

*BITMAP "wall.jpg"

Etc... The pathing might be a problem because of Bootcamp, so removing them from the equation might help.
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2016/8/11 12:48:11
Sweet Home Only in Muvizu vids can a dog be on drums and its not considered 'unusual' Nice vibes gimmick.
2016/8/10 18:06:27
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Oh, I know, but the program should still work without needing Hitfilm to fix everything. And this was working in the previous version...
2016/8/10 17:37:51
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Investigating layers and fires again...

All on same layer above background, cutout occluders on, no DoF or anything fancy. With occluders off it's just a black background. Same setup works fine with proper transparencies in v1.7, so this is new.
2016/8/10 1:11:38
new muvizu See here first : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic5849-version-18-feedback-08082016.aspx?p=f#post32225
2016/8/9 19:46:41
Help moving a ball into the air When you edit the head options for the character, the black and white cube looking icons are to import attachments - FBX or ASE files.
2016/8/9 19:29:58
Help moving a ball into the air You need the paid for version of Muvizu to attach objects.
2016/8/9 19:28:58
uploading videos via muvizu Remember it goes up onto youtube straight away, you can just paste the link to it in the My Videos section if you want some feedback now.
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